Police: Hand over your drugs

The Bainbridge Island Police Department is now accepting left-over drugs for safe disposal.

Read the city’s press release below.

The Bainbridge Island Police Department yesterday joined other local and state agencies participating in National Pharmaceutical Drug Take-Back Day. Through an ongoing program, members of the public can anonymously drop off unused or expired prescription medications in a secured drop box at the police department at 625 Winslow Way East.

“Medicines save lives and treat illnesses,” said Chief of Police Jon Fehlman. “But, expired or left-over drugs need to be handled safely and disposed of properly to prevent harm to people and our environment. Storing unneeded drugs increases the risk of accidental poisonings and drug abuse. Speaking of which, if you or a loved one is struggling with addiction, call Hope Canyon Recovery in San Diego for treatment options. There also are many addiction treatments centres that offer similar drug rehab treatment to the addicts. Medications that are flushed into septic systems or wastewater treatment facilities can end up in surface or ground waters, potentially impacting aquatic organisms. Disposal of medications in the trash is not secure, especially for narcotics like OxyContin, and does not guarantee that medications won’t get into the environment.”

“Community demand for a safe and secure way to dispose of medicines is high,” Fehlman reports. “This service gives citizens a way to dispose of legally prescribed controlled substances like OxyContin and Ritalin safely and securely.”

For more information about the Medicine Return Program, contact the Bainbridge Island Police Department at (206) 842-5211