New poll: What’s your vision for Moran School?

I got a call the other day from a gentleman interested in buying the old Moran School theater building. His idea: convert it into a sort of retreat/hotel/learning center for foreign exchange students of all ages.

He had read my most recent story on the building, which is set for demolition if a buyer doesn’t come forward by Oct. 1. The story includes an eye-ball assessment from two historical building experts. They say the building is not as bad as it looks, seems structurally sound and could be returned to something close to its former glory with a whole lot of money. If you haven’t yet, head over HERE to read the story (it contains some not-so-well-known links between Moran School and a Nobel Prize-winning physicist).

Thinking I may have been a little too upbeat about the state of the building, he asked how bad it really was. I told him it was pretty bad, and listed some of the many fixes that would likely total more than $2 million.

His deadpan response: “I am not intimidated by $2 million.”

By that he means he has a lot of money. But, of course, that doesn’t necessarily mean he’s buying the place. Far from it. He’d have to determine if the building fits his vision, get a thorough structural assessment, check into the zoning restrictions, enter into negotiations with the owner, Soundcare Inc., which would range from price to whether or not the possible future uses are compatible with a neighboring nursing home.

But never mind all that. Let’s say you too were not “intimidated” by a multi-million dollar renovation. What would you do with the Moran School building?

I’ve heard plenty of ideas and have included some in the poll over on the right of your screen.

Be sure to check out the photo gallery Brad Camp shot during our tour of the building. It’ll give you an idea of the building’s potential. And head over to this photo gallery to see some historic images of the school.

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