I’m back…

No, the blog is not dead. Nor am I (yet). And no, I wasn’t fired (yet).

Thanks for the nice (and not so nice) e-mails inquiring about my whereabouts. Truth is, I mixed a vacation with a big move, and preparations for both got the better of me. You’ll have to forgive me (just this once) for not leaving a note that would free you from having to hit your browser’s reload button over and over and over for 18 days, hoping for something other than a post about a dog baking in a car (the upcoming blotter post is much worse. Just wait.)

So, here’s a few stories that ran over the last couple weeks:

– The Doctor’s Clinic opened an urgent care facility on Hildebrand Lane.

– A World War II vet is urging the Navy to name a new vessel the USS Richard M. McCool in honor of a Bainbridge war hero.

– The city is mulling over an offer from Washington State Ferries: take a strip of land from the ferry maintenance yard or accept a $2 million buy-out for water-related projects.

– The city’s administrative team changed once again with the hiring of a new finance director, attorney and public works director.

– A tug and a barge run aground on Yeomalt Point, and a really cool photo is taken.

– A celebration was held at Strawberry Plant Park before it underwent reconstructive surgery.

Yeomalt cabin rose from the dead.