Inslee, Rolfes take early leads in primary election

Islanders Jay Inslee and Christine Rolfes took early leads as the first batch of primary election results were released last night.

Inslee, who is seeking his seventh term in Congress, had 56.8 percent of the vote, according to early returns. Of his three challengers, Republican James Watkins had the strongest support, with 26.1 percent.

Inslee’s support in Kitsap was actually slightly lower than in the rest of his district, which includes Redmond, Kirkland, Edmonds and Shoreline. The Kitsap portion of his district (Bainbridge, North Kitsap, Silverdale) gave Inslee 53.6 percent of the vote. Kitsapers also cast slightly more ballots in favor of Inslee challenger Matthew Burke than the rest of the district, and gave just a little less support to Watkins.

Rolfes, a former Bainbridge city councilwoman who now represents the 23rd Legislative District in the state House, drew 56.6 percent of the early return votes. Republican challenger and fellow islander James Olsen had 32.8 percent. A second Republican candidate, Aaron Winters, drew 10.3 percent.

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10 thoughts on “Inslee, Rolfes take early leads in primary election

  1. as I telephone to Nat Levy, the Review reporter, the number of citizens who voted for fiscal conservatives does not bode well for Rolfes. I also pointed out Rolfes had the full-meal deal to defeat Rep. Bev Woods at $250K. Let’s see what Rolfes can do with her mini-budget program. Rolfes is a big spender and I just love the picture of Barry –Motor Vehicle Excise Tax — Peters from the bankrupt COBI Council giving Rolfes advice. Keep it coming.

    Rolfes = TAXES SQUARED

    Oh, and Rolfes also support the Washington State income tax and the $800,000,000 in new taxes she gave us at 2010 session. Thanks !

    According to the Bainbridge Review, Rolfes spent $50,000 on the primary. This candidate needs to have her head examined on spending money. Can she get a full refund?

  2. The biggest problem with Rolfes is that she has yet to meet a tax or regulation that she didn’t fall instantly in love with. Her avid support for the state income tax, alone, is just cause for her retirement from politics.

    James needs to hit Rolfes hard on the facts – she is a big spending taxaholic, addicted to bloated WA State government. Rolfes came into office in 2006 on the “anti-Bush” train, coasted through 2008 on the “anyone but a Republican” express… and is facing off, for the first time, in 2010. James has everything to lose here… and if he does, he gives Rolfes credibility as a long-term political figure in our state and county.

    This election is going to come down to voter turnout – and about 5000 votes… turnout is key in the 23rd LD… Rally those troops, James!

  3. BainbridgeClearCut or admirals or JMO of Shining City Media or whatever he is calling himself these days, needs to provide voters with some personal information such as: Why did he neglect to include his secretive and apparantly unregistered business, Shining City Media, on his candidates statement. An explanation (not an opinion) detailing why his membership in BITV was revoked for cause would be helpful too. For starters.

  4. What i find disheartening in the north end are the vote totals . regardless of the person , the tallies suggest 55 percent for the democrats and 45 percent for the republicans . In past elections it actually was 60 to 40 percent.

    But the problem i have is the candidates are so different . Deboer really a non political activist , James Olsen is . rep Rolfes is quite the lady, polite, but a liberal politically. Appelton can be polite , can not be , quite the in your face liberal also .

    yet the votes are almost the same as if zombies vote in the north end , hardly any independent voters !

    Its so bad that even the school district has become an arena where the only debates are with in the same people who vote for each other.

    The good old boys are so enshrined that even volunteers are required to be loyal to the ruling party .

    Congrats to the winners in the primary . But politics is sooooo boring in NK .

  5. It’s a good thing to know that BainbridgeClearCut/admirals/Shining City Media has steadfastly refused to answer serious questions about himself and his behavior on Bainbridge Island. It helps make it clear why he is so unsuitable for any kind of public office. Transparancy and all that…

  6. The people north of Bainbridge Island need to understand who and what James Olsen is. He has no track record. He has done nothing but alienate everyone on Bainbridge Island. And we are a pretty easy going lot. How could he build a consensus in government if he attacks people who disagree with him, sometimes behind false names? How can he be trusted to serve the people when he is so easily offended? He resorts to name calling and bullying people who disagree with him (which is the vast majority of anyone if you study any of his past deeds and works). It’s not about fiscal responsibility, the incumbant, military service or anything like that – it’s about keeping people who do not have the emotional intelligence away from power and funds – abuse can occur on many levels and it is terrifying to me to think of him being responsible for anything involving the public’s trust. He would use it as his own personal soapbox for his own extremist agenda and for retaliation against anyone/everyone who ever disagreed with him in the past. He cannot live in the present or the future. Just read his remarks – it’s all about what has happened, nothing about what he would do or make happen – because he has no idea. He would spend his time settling perceived slights and scores rather than on trying to improve the human condition. And he has left so many facts out of his filing that he would probably be mired in lawsuits until he was forced to resign anyway. Vote for anyone else. Or don’t vote at all. Just don’t vote for this unhappy man posing as a public servant.

  7. can you imagine if Rolfes actually agreed to a debate with Olsen? That would be pretty good. Rolfes could ask about Shiny Media, about being banned from BISD property (has there ever been an active Representative that could not go on public school property in his own city?), or ask him to state his opinion on the atrocity that was the Internment of the Japanese. I’d pay BITV for that tape!

  8. James Olsen is an embarrassment to every thinking person on Bainbridge Island — D or R. Unfortunately, any fool can write a check and register to run for office. It’s a pity that we don’t have a choice in this election. I can’t vote for Olsen and I won’t vote for Rolfes. She will win and she will continue her tax and spend ways.

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