Police blotter: a car explosion, a dog beating and a tree de-limbing


In this week’s blotter, a woman’s car blows up after it crashes into a power pole, a man brutalizes a dog and a fruit tree has every last one of its limbs broken off.

Head below for the details.

Aug. 12
Crash: A Lynwood female’s car exploded after it collided with a power pole on Olympic Drive just before 12:45 a.m. The woman, who suffered no injuries, was extricated by police as her car burst into flames. The collision temporarily knocked out power in the Winslow area. The driver, who was cited for negligent driving, said she had been looking at a global positioning unit when her car struck the pole. The pole broke apart in two areas and fell across two traffic lanes.

Aug. 11
Limbed: All the branches of a fruit tree outside a Ruddy Duck Lane home were broken off by an unknown person. The tree was valued at $300.

Aug. 10
Scratched: A vehicle’s exterior was scratched sometime during the night while it was parked outside a Parkhill Place home. Damages were estimated at $1,500.

Theft: Medications were stolen from a Port Orchard woman’s purse while she was visiting Fay Bainbridge State Park during the afternoon.

Slashed: A tire on a truck parked on High School Road was slashed and a car near it had most of its gas stolen sometime during the night.

Punched: Witnesses observed a man punch a dog several times in the Pavilion parking lot just before 9 p.m. The suspect beat the dog in his truck after having chased the dog in the parking lot. The suspect drove away when witnesses tried to intervene. His truck struck but did not damage another vehicle as he drove from the lot. The suspect was described as having light-colored hair and stood about six feet tall. He was wearing a ball cap and was dressed like a “laborer,” a witnesses said. A witness provided a license plate number, but police determined that the suspect had moved from the listed Bainbridge address. Police called the suspect’s cell phone and requested that he call back.

3 thoughts on “Police blotter: a car explosion, a dog beating and a tree de-limbing

  1. 1st -You need to control your temper
    2nd – you need to control your dog.
    3rd- Now you also have a hit and run.
    4th – If I saw you beat your dog for any reason you wouldn’t have that poor dog today.
    Every living thing deserves to have a life without worrying about getting BEAT…

  2. I tried to find the email to send a letter to the editor, but had no luck.

    I can’t believe the police, “Called his cell phone and asked him to call back.” What? This is animal abuse! I know we made a point as a nation to condone animal abuse with allowing people like Michael Vick to continue to be our childrens role model but come on! This guys should be punched… I mean Punished by the law. He shouldn’t receive a nice message saying, “Please sir, at your convenience could you call us back?” ugh what is wrong with this world?

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