Sun endorses Rep. Rolfes for re-election

The Kitsap Sun has endorsed Rep. Christine Rolfes, a Bainbridge Island resident, for re-election to the state House seat she’s held for almost four years.

Here’s what the Sun had to say about Rolfes and her Republican challengers, James Olsen of Bainbridge and Aaron Winters of Poulsbo:

“Rolfes clearly offers a more reasonable and thoughtful approach to the state’s problems than her challengers, and has been an advocate in maintaining a freeze on ferry fares during her term. Even one vote we take issue with — her endorsement in suspending I-960 last session — still remained in tune with the sentiment of her constituents, who overwhelmingly had opposed the initiative. Her challengers fall back on rhetoric too often, and neither demonstrate the ability to work in the collaborative way that the coming session will likely demand.”

To read more about the Sun’s endorsements for the state Legislature, and to see the Sun’s video interview with Rolfes, Olsen and Winters, head over HERE.

5 thoughts on “Sun endorses Rep. Rolfes for re-election

  1. Tristan — let the viewers watch for themselves rather than take David Nelson, the Editor’s fat-finger-on the-bologna scale endorsement. Nelson is such a cheapskate, he refuses to mention the good Messrs. Olsen and Winters. Plus Nelson mislabels Rolfes running in the 26th Legislative District.

    Rolfes is a career politician who has an unfailing faith in big government. Rolfes believes in a state income tax as part of the Dem agenda. Rolfes betrayed the People with her vote to repeal I-960 and adoption of 77 new tax bills and $800,000,000 in new taxes with a 50 plus one vote.

    Rolfes is tired of trying to do her job. She can’t even bother to speak to the People at the Eggs and Issues debate.

    Her is Manifesto #4: Rolfes = TAXES SQUARED

    Also see the other statements at my web site detailing how Rolfes can’t handle Open Government.

  2. “Even one vote we take issue with — her endorsement in suspending I-960 last session — still remained in tune with the sentiment of her constituents, who overwhelmingly had opposed the initiative”

    This is what i find hard to understand . The south end legislators spoke against this action against this , not only for economic reasons of raising taxes in a recession , but on moral reasons of going against the will and desire of the people of Washington State.
    Then you say she can work better with others ? How by being friendly as they go against thwe will of the people on one of the most important issues of our legislative session . By always standing with their political party on all votes?

    I don’t understand the thinking process, perhaps because the decision to endorse democrats in the south and north end with two completely different views on taxes and holding the line on spending . Just looks bad for the Sun in my opinion. It would have made more sense to just say the 23rd did not have a choice that you could endorse .

  3. Very thoughtful words. Informative and civil. I hope this sets the tone for the discussion this election season.

  4. REP.Christine Rolfes is a kind and generous lady.Collaborative as Kitsap Sun Editorial Board put it.Olympia is awash in blah blah about ferries and education and doing nice things for special interests.What is missing is a sharp,tenacious,eagle eye going through the mess that has been made in the last few years and start the cleanup.The failure of governance began when the Republicans lacked the numbers to influence legislation.REP.Rolfes can have no effect in cleaning up the mess.
    James Olsen can do it.He knows the the games politicians and burecrats play.Olsen will blow the whistle on those wastrals.

  5. James does nothing but play games. He is probably the most ill-suited person to hold any kind of public office who has ever walked down the pike.

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