Police blotter: Car thief prefers Willie Nelson over Santana


A thief who rummaged through a few vehicles on New Brooklyn Road was lucky enough to find a Chevy Suburban that was not only unlocked, but had the keys at the ready.

Scanning his (or her) newly-acquired CD collection for the perfect getaway soundtrack, the thief decided in favor Mick Jagger, Willie Nelson and Joe Cocker. Not making the cut was Carlos Santana, who’s album of jazz fusiony salsa-rock was left in the driveway.

The blotter is below.

Jul. 24
Theft: A purse was stolen from an unlocked car parked near a Blakely Avenue home sometime during the night. The purse contained $160 in cash, $205 in checks and a credit card. The victim found that someone had already made a $27 purchase with the card.

Assault: An Orting, Wash. man grabbed a Renton man by the neck while they traveled in a casino shuttle bus on Highway 305 shortly after 12:30 a.m. The suspect said he thought the victim and some young women on the bus were laughing at him. He grabbed the victim by the neck, forced him into a seat and squeezed “very hard,” leaving red abrasion marks on his neck. The victim decided not to press charges.

Jul. 23
Theft: An unlocked bicycle was stolen from a bike rack at the Wing Point Golf and Country Club while it was parked there overnight.

Jul. 22
Theft: Several CDs were stolen from an unlocked truck parked near a New Brooklyn Road home sometime during the night. The victim said some of the approximately 12 CDs were by Joe Cocker, Mick Jagger, Willie Nelson and Aretha Franklin. The CDs were in a brown canvas carrier. His Carlos Santana CD was recovered in his driveway.

Theft: A green Chevy Suburban was stolen from a New Brooklyn Road driveway sometime during the night. The vehicle was unlocked and its keys had been left inside. Two other unlocked vehicles on the victim’s property had been rummaged through. Credit cards were stolen from one of the vehicles, as were keys to a Volkswagen Passat. The victim discovered that unauthorized purchases had been made with one of his credit cards at a Bainbridge convenience store and a fast food restaurant.

One thought on “Police blotter: Car thief prefers Willie Nelson over Santana

  1. Tristan probably thought he was doing a good service to Bainbridge Islanders by running weekly police reports of people getting their stuff stolen from their unlocked cars and houses.
    Nope, nobody learned a thing, and now thieves with internet access are commuting to Bainbridge for easy pickings from people who are so self absorbed, they really do believe they live in Shangri-la! Lol! thanks for the weekly humor!

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