Police blotter: The case of the great strawberry heist


Police are investigating the theft of an island farmer’s entire strawberry crop. Every single ripe berry was stripped from his field just before he was to flood the farmers market with his Bainbridge-grown bounty. A theft of this magnitude likely would have required a team of swift pickers and a getaway car with plenty of cargo space, the farmer told police.

Also this week, a woman is “cited” for having “illegally-colored skin”….and littering.

Blotter’s below.

July 17
Attempted theft: Three Bremerton residents were caught in the process of illegally salvaging abandoned materials at a private Blakely Avenue property just before 9:15 p.m. Police were alerted to the scene by someone who had seen three people walking in the woods near his property. Police found two of the people carrying a coil of steel wire and an angle iron. The property is known for having several abandoned vehicles and has been used as a “party spot” by juveniles. The suspects said they were looking for “scrap,” but admitted they did not have permission to do so. One of the three was found to have an arrest warrant out of the Kitsap County Sheriff’s Office. He was arrested and transported to the county jail in Port Orchard. The other two individuals were released and warned about trespassing.

July 15
Paraphernalia: A Bainbridge male was arrested for possession of a marijuana bong at a Mazanita Road park just after 12:20 a.m. Police were called to the park by someone reporting suspicious activity. The suspect and a male companion were found to be sitting in a parked car that had the strong odor of marijuana. The males initially denied smoking marijuana, but police reminded them of the strong odor. One of the males revealed the bong hidden under a blanket and informed police they also possessed a few joints. The males were transported to their homes.

Theft: A green “traffic guy” was stolen from a Fir Acres Drive property sometime during the night. The owner had been putting the “guy” on the curb to slow traffic. It was stolen last week but retrieved by the owner at a Grow Avenue location.

July 13
Harassed: A Seabeck woman found race-related statements on a fake parking ticket on her vehicle window when it was parked at a High School Road lot where she works. The ticket appeared to be of a variety that can be purchased at novelty stores, police said. The ticket was titled “Summons Notice of Inconsideration.” In the “Other” box someone had written “Illegally Colored Skin” and “Littering.” The woman, who police said is “white,” said she is unsure why she was targeted.

July 11
Break-in: Someone entered a Cave Avenue home and left a portion of a broken beer bottle on the floor. The residents had been gone on an out-of-state trip. When they returned, they found the top half of a broken beer bottle on the master bedroom’s floor. No items appeared out of place or missing. All doors remained locked, although one door appears to not shut correctly.

July 10
Theft: A bicycle was stolen from his Wallace Way home. The victim said the bike wasn’t worth much, but it had a very expensive headlight.

Theft: About $100 worth of strawberries were reported stolen from the city-owned Morales Farm on Lovgreen Road. The farmer, a Poulsbo resident who leases the land from the city, said his entire strawberry field had been picked. He told police he had been waiting for the berries to ripen. When he arrived to pick them and sell them at a farmers market, he noticed the plants no longer had fruit. The farmer said it’s likely that more than one person and a vehicle would be required to pick and transport the berries. He said another farmer that uses the Morales Farm also experienced a similar theft but had not reported it.

July 9
Burglary: Someone entered an unlocked Viewcrest Lane home and stole approximately $150 in cash from two wallets while the residents slept. One of the residents told police that nothing looked out of the ordinary when he awoke. He realized he had no cash in his wallet when he attempted to buy a coffee. His wife also noticed she was without cash. No other items appeared to have been stolen.

Theft: Members of a Madison Avenue church reported that two wooden benches and a display sign were stolen sometime during the night, and two clay flower pots were broken.

Crash: A Bainbridge female was injured in a rollover collision on New Brooklyn Road just before noon. The female, whose injuries were not disclosed, was transported to an undisclosed hospital. Police said her truck was struck by a car that failed to stop at a stop sign. The car’s driver, a Bainbridge female, was cited for failing to stop at the sign. She said she had forgotten about the intersection’s stop sign. The impact rolled the truck over on to its roof. Both vehicles were severely damaged.

July 8
Defaced: A sandwich board sign owned by a Winslow photo studio was defaced, causing $200 in damages. Degrading words had been carved into the sign while it was on the sidewalk on Madison Avenue.

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  1. I’m guessing the strawberry bandits were local woodland creatures, namely the group of deer that frequent the area. Get a clue!

  2. And/or racoons. Those little bandits ate more than three hundred of my Asian Pears last year. In one night!

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