Daily Archives: June 22, 2010

School clinic, school composter, art museum, kids museum

Sorry the blog’s been quiet a while. Time to play catchup. Here’s the news from the last week (or so):

School break-in: A messy prank was pulled at Woodward Middle School.

Compost kids: A Bainbridge High School student-led effort has created the nation’s largest on-site school composting program.

Big grant: Bainbridge got a $4.88 million grant to boost energy efficiency in what could amount to half of the island’s homes.

Rolfes challengers: Rep. Christine Rolfes, a former Bainbridge city councilwoman, has two challengers for her House seat: Republicans Aaron Winters of Poulsbo and James Olsen of Bainbridge Island.

Strawberry Plant Park: The City Council gave unanimous support for the Eagle Harbor park’s long-discussed shoreline restoration plan.

Cyberstalked: A Seattle man was charged with stalking a Bainbridge teen via the Internet.

Winslow Way: The City Council approved the design for the Winslow Way reconstruction project. Looks like things are moving forward after all.

New KiDiMu: The Kids Discovery Museum’s new custom-built, earth-friendly building opened in the Island Gateway development. The new KiDiMu was packed in its first week, and drew rave reviews from kids and parents.

Art Museum: The final building design for the Bainbridge Art Museum was unveiled. Updated plans for the museum, which will sit on the northwest corner of the Winslow Way-Highway 305 intersection, include an attached auditorium and classroom building.

School Clinic: Parents and educators are working to establish a free medical clinic at Bainbridge High School. They have most of the money in hand and Virginia Mason has agreed to staff it. All they need now is for a reluctant school board to give the green light. This story generated plenty of comments.
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