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Police investigating arson fires

Bainbridge police and firefighters are investigating a recent string of arson fires in the Winslow area.

The most recent fire occurred on Saturday behind a Winslow Way business mall. According to police, a broom was set on fire in a storage area, causing “significant damage” to an exterior wood wall.

The fire was extinguished shortly after firefighters were alerted to the scene by a witness.

Police say the fire follows a pattern of other fires ignited in Winslow over the last few months. The fires have been set in dumpsters and around several businesses.

Fire and police officials are asking that all businesses be on the lookout for suspicious behavior and take precautions by removing combustible materials stored outside of buildings.

Police are asking for any information pertaining to the arson fires. They can be reached at (206) 842-5211.

Bainbridge home values plummet

Bainbridge home values on Bainbridge Island tumbled faster over the past year than any other part of the county, according to a new report from

Values fell 10.5 percent on Bainbridge, compared to just 1.8 percent for all of Kitsap.

The median Bainbridge home value in March was $490,000. That’s 21 percent less than when the market peaked in February 2007.

Read more in THIS story by Sun business reporter Rachel Pritchett.

City turned down for a car loan

City officials got a jolt when the city was turned down for an auto loan that would have purchased three new police vehicles.

“It was a really small loan we were looking for, but the fact we were turned down should be a red flag for our finances,” Mayor Bob Scales said.

Acccording to a post on, the city’s low fund balance and the Bainbridge Ratepayers Alliance lawsuit make Bainbridge “a bad credit risk” in the eyes of the state, which administers the low-interest loan the city was applying for.

Read more HERE.

Big housing development coming to Winslow

Local developers are proposing a 48-unit residential project for Madrona Lane, a short, dead-end street north of City Hall.

The project, Madrona Cottages, would be one of the largest since the Winslow condo boom of five years ago, and could add approximately 100 residents to downtown.

A first phase of construction would include 12 stand-alone homes (as seen above) and 24 attached units in two sections along Madrona Way. A second construction phase would add 12 more units.

At 48 units, Madrona Cottages is about the same size as the proposed Ferncliff Avenue affordable housing project.

Head over HERE to read more about the Madrona Cottage project. For a look at the pre-application document and the project’s site plan, see below.

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Rolfes aiming for third term

Rep. Christine Rolfes announced today she’ll seek a third term representing the 23rd Legislative District.

Rolfes, a Bainbridge Democrat, is a former Bainbridge city councilwoman. She’s been focused on state ferry, environmental and education issues since being elected to the House in 2006.

She kicks off her re-election campaign in Poulsbo on May 23.

Her campaign press release is below.
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WSF reiterates boat haul-out offer

Washington State Ferries chief David Mosely again expressed his willingness to hand over a portion of the ferry maintenance yard for use as a public boat yard.

The idea of using a portion of the yard for a boat haul-out facility has been debated for decades.

Mosely, who spoke at the Bainbridge Commons on Tuesday night, had said last year that WSF and islanders need to have a “community conversation” before the .9-acre parcel is transferred.

“There are people with Washington State Ferries that prefer that (public use) not occur,” Moseley said. “I’ve made the commitment that if you can demonstrate a use for the facility, I’ll honor that commitment.”

Read more HERE.

VIDEO: The ‘Fonz’ stops by Bainbridge

Henry “The Fonz” Winkler made a stop at Bainbridge High School on Sunday as part of a promotional tour for a children’s book he co-authored.

Winkler is best known for playing Arthur Fonzarelli on the 1970s TV show “Happy Days.” In recent years, Winkler has worked on a series of books centered around a dyslexic boy named Hank Zipzer. Many of Winkler’s own experiences with the learning disability were fodder for the series.

For more, read Chris Henry’s story HERE.

Winemakers honored as business people of the year

Gerard and Jo Ann Bentryn have been named the Bainbridge Island Chamber of Commerce couple of the year.

The Bentryns will be honored at a roast and toast celebration at 11:30 a.m. banquet May 19 at 11:30 a.m. at Wing Point Golf & Country Club. They also will serve as the Grand Marshals in the Chamber’s Grand Old Fourth of July Parade.

They’ve been farming for about 45 years, first in Europe and now on Bainbridge.

Over the years the Bentryns have donated more than $400,000 to island and Kitsap County causes, according to the chamber.

VIDEO: Thirty-foot Bride of….Bainbridge Island

She performed at John F. Kennedy’s inauguration, was courted by Frank Sinatra, starred in a traveling show with George Burns. and appeared in movies with the likes of Spencer Tracey, Milton Berle and Ethel Merman.

Then, about 20 years ago, she traded it all for the quiet life on Bainbridge Island.

Most islanders are only just now coming to learn that Hollywood actress Dorothy Provine lived here. She was fairly reclusive, keeping close to her family, her garden, books, and pets before passing away last week at the age of 75.

The Sun’s Rachel Pritchett had the first story about her death, which you can read HERE. Then came a flood of news reports and remembrances about the “leggy, blond actress,” in such places at the New York Times and Los Angeles Times.

For true Dorothy Provine fans, click over HERE for a lengthy timeline of her career. Much of the information appears to have been pulled from 1960s-era Hollywood gossip publications.

Some of her earliest roles included playing outlaw Clyde Barrow’s partner in the “Bonnie Parker Story” and the title character in 1959’s “30 Foot Bride of Candy Rock.” You can see the trailer from that movie below.

Some of her more high-profile roles came later in “It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World” (1963), “The Great Race” (1965) and “That Darn Cat!” (1965). She is apparently best known for her role as Pinky Pinkham in the TV series “The Roaring 20s.” Check out some of her famed dance moves from that show below.

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