The Road Ends Committee could use your help

Head over HERE to read about the city Road Ends Committee’s headaches with City Hall.

Essentially, the city wants the committee, a city-sanctioned volunteer group, to pay for permission to clear brush, establish foot paths and make basic safety improvements on the city-owned right-of-ways that lead to public beach access points.

Fletcher Landing road end, 2008. Photo: Tristan Baurick

The committee doesn’t have any money (they were de-funded a while back) and can’t seem to get the city to tell them how much the permits might cost. So, many of the committee’s improvement projects are in limbo.

But the committee could use some new members in their road end stewardship program. Basically, road end stewards volunteer to keep tabs on particular road ends, making sure they’re not getting trashed, concealed (by neighbors who aren’t neighborly to road ends) and just generally keep an eye on things.

I wrote a story about the stewardship program back in 2008. Read it HERE.

To volunteer as a road end steward, call Marci Burkel at (206) 780-0601.

Go over HERE for the city’s Road Ends Committee website. They meet every second Monday at 7 p.m. inside the health district office adjacent to the Bainbridge Commons, 402 Brien Drive.