Inslee has a second Republican challenger

A second candidate is hoping get the Republican nomination to run against Jay Inslee this year.

Matthew Burke, a financial planner and Tea Party activist, is up against James Watkins for the party’s nomination. Watkins, a business development consultant, announced his candidacy late last year.

Burke, who is relatively new to politics, has worked for decades in banking and financial planning.

NW Digest recently profiled Burke:

Burke’s main message is a mix of Constitutional and conservative-libertarian thinking. In short, he believes 22 years in financial planning will make him an asset in “Congress to get this country’s disastrous fiscal house in order, and return the federal government to its proper, constitutional role.”

Burke also says he’s counting on energized voters, angry about corporate bailouts and other over-reaching Democratic policies, to give him their votes. To do that, Burke plans to expose Inslee’s voting record early and often, saying the incumbent favors “atrocious, tax-and-spend, always pro-big government solution[s].”

Burke has a frank “dirty laundry” section on his website in which he outlines personal challenges with money and alcohol.

NW Digest also notes the rumor that Inslee may run for Washington governor:

Inslee is often mentioned as a candidate for Governor, as well as posts in the Obama Administration. If he were to pre-maturely resign his post in Congress, it’s not immediately clear who would step up on the Democratic side to campaign for his seat.

You can follow Burke’s campaign on Twitter. He’s at @MatthewKBurke

7 thoughts on “Inslee has a second Republican challenger

  1. I’ve heard Matthew and James speak on a number of occasions, and I am constantly blown away by the depth of knowledge that Matthew has on the issues. Matthew not only understands and embraces the philosophy of the Conservative ground-swell taking place in America, he is extremely knowledgeable about government intrusion in the free market. Matthew constantly speaks of the dangers of progressivism, Keynesian economics, the abhorrent Death Tax, the need for a complete Audit of the Federal Reserve and a slew of other issues that excite crowds everywhere he goes. Matthew is extremely personable and right on with his grasp on the issues because he bases his views on the Constitution and the intent of the Founding Fathers.

    I urge everyone to get to know Matthew and his wife Jennifer, true conservatives and patriots.

    To those who say that this year “failure is not an option” I agree, and I know that Matthew has the charisma and personality to win over independents in the 1st CD and not only get in office this year, but to stay in office even when the tide of conservative activism is over and the democrats attempt another run in 2012 or 2014.

  2. Burke may be charismastic, but he also seems to be a finger-pointer, which will only hurt his slim chances.

  3. I had the pleasure of meeting Matthew and his wife Jennifer as well. They are real down to earth people who do not fit into the slick political mold which makes them very appealing. I was pretty impressed.

    Individuals who are hesitant about becoming politicians typically end up being the best ones for the job.

    Good to hear from you Marc.

  4. Bottom line as far as I’m concerned, Jay Inslee is a career progressive politician. His voting record proves it.
    We turn things around or we go the way of Greece.
    James Watkins has a huge head start, and no dirty laundry for the opposition to mudsling.

    Matthew Burke would do a great job as well, however James Watkins is much stronger in the column of electability(in my personal opinion).

    Have a great Memorial Day weekend everyone, remember those who gave all for us and our way of life.
    Good luck to every citizen steeping up to turn this nation back to a proper course for the future.

  5. When it comes electing someone to Congress, we should strive to elect the best man for the job. Matthew Burke is a good and respectable man, but I think James Watkins is better qualified to win Jay Inslee’s seat and represent us in the First Congressional District.

    I have met and heard both candidates several times in public forums. Both candidates are strong conservatives, but I believe Watkins is more knowledgeable on a wider range of political and social issues, being able to respond quickly, thoroughly and in greater depth to questions from his constituents. Burke’s answers seem less comprehensive and he frequently consults his notes as he speaks in order to stay on point.

    I will be happy to vote for either Burke or Watkins against Jay Inslee in the November election, but in my opinion, all things considered, Watkins will be a better congressman and representative. I am pleased to personally endorse Watkins in his campaign against Jay Inslee, and I encourage others to vote for Watkins in the primary election.

    Information on James Watkins and his campaign platform can be obtained from this website at

  6. I too have recently learned of Mr. Burke’s entry to the race and while I welcome another strong conservative choice, I became involved with the James Watkins campaign late last year and continue to be extremely impressed with what Watkins stands for. I am convinced James Watkins has the experience, values, and organization to defeat Jay Inslee. It is rare, as a conservative in the 1st Congressional district, to have not one, but two viable and even good choices for Congress. Still, it would take a compelling reason for me to abandon my support for Mr. Watkins because I think he is one of the best and most qualified I’ve seen in a long time. I just don’t find Mr. Burke to be the compelling reason I would need and so I’ll be voting for and working for James Watkins. That being said, I welcome Mathhew to the race. He and James Watkins both provide a clear departure from the “good ‘ol boy” liberal tax and spend politics of Jay Inslee. And although I favor James Watkins, the conservative message is only strengthened by a second voice.

  7. I met James and his wife Ashley at their very first event – a gun show in Puyallup. As I’m not a fan of Inslee (he voted for legislation that has damaged private business like nobody’s business… unless you count a growing BIG brother!), when I spotted their table and heard he was running against Inslee, I sat myself down for at least 45 minutes and we wound up discussing all sorts of issues and, I gotta say, I was very impressed with the truly wide range of topics he was up on (let’s put it this way, while some “go postal” ever since Inslee joined Henry Waxman & Co. and done damage to my small business along with thousands of others, I’ve “gone political” and can now rattle off bill numbers way faster than bullets – so I was keen to see what he had to say on the issues of concern to me – and he was right there, keeping pace with my 115 mph grill session!).

    Anyway, since then, I’ve been keeping tabs on him and following his campaign, as I have with a few other candidates running in other districts (because, frankly, I’m so worried about the direction this country is moving, I no longer care about district lines – I only care about getting the BEST PEOPLE in there, not the best “politicians” – fyi, I just posted a video re: what I see as the difference between pragmatic vs. principled leadership, if interested – Bottom line: I’m really impressed not only with Watkins’ experience but his character. Watkins is a lifelong NRA member, a small business expert and, in my view, very much worth the voter’s time in following / observing / supporting.

    At minimum, I think we, the CEOs (Citizen Executive Officers) owe it to ourselves and our children to educate ourselves on EVERY candidate and not let anyone in the press lead us by the proverbial nose. I firmly believe we will make far better choices if we get out of our chairs, go listen them speak (look ’em in the eye! And there are LOTS of forums and all of these guys post where they’re speaking – I challenge you to go listen in person :-), etc.

    Great post – and GO VOTERS!!!

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