Police blotter: Driver crashes gun-loaded truck, then runs away with beer


Say you’re driving a truck loaded with guns and beer. You crash. Your truck goes up in flames. What do you take with you as you flee the scene? Why, the beer, of course.

Blotter’s below.

May 15
Hit-and-run: A 20-year-old Bainbridge man is being sought by police for leaving the scene of a crash and possible drunk driving. The suspect is believed to have veered off Highway 305 near Hidden Cove Road and crashed into a guard rail just before 1 a.m. The collision damaged about 90 feet of guard rail and caused the truck’s engine to burst into flames. A witness saw the suspect running west on Hidden Cove with a case of beer in his arms. Police found a freshly discarded beer can in the truck. Police also found a rifle and a chainsaw on the truck’s floor. A second rifle was found on a seat and loaded semi-automatic pistol was located elsewhere in the vehicle. The guns were taken by police for safekeeping. The truck was towed from the scene after the firefighters extinguished the flames.

May 14
Drunk driving: A 50-year-old Bainbridge woman was arrested for drunk driving on Highway 305 near Hidden Cove Road just before 11 p.m. A witness called police to report that the suspect had veered her Mercedes-Benz vehicle into an on-coming lane, nearly hitting another vehicle. Police located the suspect, who was idling her vehicle in a turn lane. The suspect was “upset, but also peeved.” She repeatedly interrupted police during questioning, was “rude and belligerent” and blamed her predicament on police. She failed a series of field sobriety tests and was taken to the county jail.

Suspicious: A woman called police to report that a “Middle Eastern” man was taking photographs of a state ferry and the underside of the ferry loading dock at around 3 p.m. The woman told police that his appearance on the beach near the dock, and the fact that he was taking photos, seemed unusual. Police searched the area but found no one that met the woman’s description. A report was forwarded to the state patrol, coast guard and ferry security services.

May 12
Burglary: Two antique stained-glass windows were reported stolen from a shed near a Sunrise Bluff home. The windows were valued at $2,000. The owner suspects “a variety of maintenance and yard” people who have done work at her house recently.

Burglary: A “high-end” washing machine was reported stolen from an unlocked Crystal Springs Drive home. The laundry room’s door had been removed to haul the machine out of the house. Losses were estimated at $800.

Burglary: A cordless drill was reported stolen from a Bainbridge Island School District shed on New Brooklyn Road. Losses were estimated at $330.

Slashed: A vehicle’s tire was punctured with what appears to have been a knife sometime during the night on Shepard Way. Losses were estimated at $220.