Big housing development coming to Winslow

Local developers are proposing a 48-unit residential project for Madrona Lane, a short, dead-end street north of City Hall.

The project, Madrona Cottages, would be one of the largest since the Winslow condo boom of five years ago, and could add approximately 100 residents to downtown.

A first phase of construction would include 12 stand-alone homes (as seen above) and 24 attached units in two sections along Madrona Way. A second construction phase would add 12 more units.

At 48 units, Madrona Cottages is about the same size as the proposed Ferncliff Avenue affordable housing project.

Head over HERE to read more about the Madrona Cottage project. For a look at the pre-application document and the project’s site plan, see below.


Madrona Cottages development pre-application