Police blotter: Woman smells smoke, police smell dog


A Bainbridge woman called police about her suspicion that a neighbor snuck into her car and smoked a cigarette. Police took a whiff inside the car but only smelled “wet dog.” Having no further leads, police declared the investigation closed.

Blotter’s below.

April 27
Hit-and-run: A Bainbridge woman was cited for hit-and-run for an incident that occurred on Madrone Lane shortly after 12:30 p.m. According to witnesses, the suspect struck another vehicle while trying to park. The suspect’s car went under another vehicle’s rear end. The suspect then backed up and struck the other vehicle, which is owned by a Bainbridge resident, a second time before leaving the scene in her car. The victim’s vehicle suffered no noticeable damage. Police spotted the suspect’s car traveling on Madison Avenue just after 3:15 p.m. The suspect said she had been trying to parallel park when she struck the other vehicle. She said she left the scene because she found no damage on the other vehicle. Her own car suffered bumper damage.

April 26
Smoked: A woman reported that an unknown person smoked a cigarette in her unlocked car sometime during the night. When an officer asked to “take a sniff,” the woman exclaimed that exhaust from the officer’s patrol car may mask the odor. Peering into the car, the officer “only smelled a wet dog smell.” The woman suggested that her neighbor, with whom she has a history of “problems,” had likely smoked in her car. Police found no evidence linking the neighbor with the purported smoking incident.

Graffiti: A Winslow Way church reported that two black crosses were spray-painted on the church building sometime during the night. Damage was estimated at $30.

April 25
Theft: The city’s moorage pay box on Shannon Drive was broken into sometime during the night. Damage to the box was estimated at $800. It is unknown how many checks and cash envelopes were taken.

April 23
Graffiti: Indistinguishable lettering was spray-painted on the fence of an auto repair facility on Ferncliff Avenue. Damages were estimated at $300.