Police blotter: “Drinking beer and coloring Easter eggs”


Coloring eggs, drinking beers, driving drunk, swearing at cops, resisting arrest, peeing pants. A new Easter tradition is born.

Blotter’s below.

Apr. 3
Drunk driving: A Bainbridge woman was arrested for drunk driving and resisting arrest on Lynwood Center Road just before 1 a.m. Police initially pulled the suspect over after observing her truck speed and swerve in her lane. When asked how much she had to drink, the suspect responded “quite a bit.” She had the strong odor of alcohol and was slurring her words. She initially refused to exit her truck or take a field sobriety test. She exhibited poor balance when she exited the truck. She struggled against police when they attempted to handcuff her. An officer and the suspect fell to the ground, causing a scrape near one of the suspect’s eyes. An arresting officers suffered a sprained hand during the struggle. The suspect resisted police when they tried to put her in a patrol car, resulting in officers using force to get her inside. The suspect yelled a “multitude of obscenities” and insults during her arrest, police said. “You have nothing better to do than take drunks to jail?” she asked the officers. She also mentioned that she had been celebrating Easter with alcohol. “I was just out celebrating with friends,” she said. “Drinking beer and coloring Easter eggs.” The suspect urinated in her pants while en route to jail. The suspect continued to refuse to cooperate at the jail. She became “so out of control” that she was placed in a crisis holding cell, an officer said. Medical staff determined that her injury was superficial.

Apr. 2
Smashed: An unknown person smashed a window at the teen center on High School Road sometime during the night. Entry was gained, but no items were stolen. Several chairs were stacked on a table. A teen center employee said the center is often the victim of the “Spring Break-in” tradition, in which the building is vandalized during Spring Break. Damages were estimated at $300.

Hit-and-run: A Bainbridge male struck and damaged a utility pole with a truck on Hidden Cove Road shortly after 10 p.m. The suspect left the truck at the scene. Police said the truck was a “total loss” and blood was found on its interior and exterior. Puget Sound Energy determined that the pole and its transformer would need to be replaced. A restaurant manager had earlier reported that a man in his mid-twenties had arrived at his business intoxicated and had been refused service. The man had refused assistance in hiring a cab. The manager followed the man out to his truck to again urge him not to drive. Police tracked the suspect down at his parent’s Bainbridge home. He and his truck matched descriptions provided by the manager. The suspect had suffered cuts and bruising on his face and on a hand. He told police that he had swerved into the power pole while trying to avoid a falling branch. He said he felt dazed when he left the scene. Police said they would charge him with felony hit-and-run because of the amount of damage to the pole.

Apr. 1
Shoplifting: A Bainbridge male was caught shoplifting $28 worth of food from the Town & Country Market shortly after 12:30 p.m. The suspect was also found to be in possession of a small amount of marijuana. The suspect said he did not have enough money to purchase the food he took. Stolen items included a large container of orange juice, sandwich meat, cheese and a deli sandwich.

Mar. 30
Theft: A Bainbridge male was caught trying to remove money from parking lot pay boxes near the Winslow ferry terminal shortly after 11 a.m. Police found heroin paraphernalia in his pockets. The suspect told police he was “drug sick” and working with agencies to solve his drug problem. A report for possible theft and drug paraphernalia possession was forwarded to the prosecutor’s office.

Mar. 27
Threatened: A Bainbridge man threatened employees at the Harbour Public House on Parfitt Way several times after 10 p.m. The suspect had been kicked out of the pub for belligerent and drunken behavior. The suspect then called the pub at least five times, threatening to “beat” and “saw” the buttocks of pub employees. A bartender told police she took the threats seriously because the suspect appeared “extremely strange” and very angry. Police found the suspect trying to hitch a ride on Madison Avenue. The suspect said he called the pub to find out why he had been kicked out and to solicit an apology from employees. A report was forwarded to the prosecutor for possible charges.