Daily Archives: April 2, 2010

Green-built prototype prefabs finally find a home

Looks that that pair of ultra-modern prefab homes have finally found a home.

After getting the cold shoulder from farmers on Day Road and the neighborhood around the Johnson Farm, affordable housing advocates decided to tuck the stackable units behind some duplexes on a quiet Winslow street.

Read HERE for the latest.

And read HERE and HERE for the earlier chapters in the saga.

Bainbridge Municipal Court…in Poulsbo?

Bainbridge and Poulsbo city leaders are leaning toward a plan that would move the Bainbridge municipal court into the new Poulsbo City Hall.

“I am totally convinced we have to move our court,” Bainbridge Councilman Bill Knobloch said on Wednesday during a joint meeting between the city’s two councils. “The facility right now is inadequate.”

Poulsbo likes the idea because it will generate revenue in a building with a lot of surplus space.

Check out Brynn Grimley’s coverage of the meeting HERE.