Daily Archives: March 25, 2010

Tales of old ‘Ichville’

I wrote a story back in 2004 about how work was starting on a book that would tell the largely unknown story of Bainbridge’s Croatian fishing community.

The book didn’t quite happen according to plan. It took an a few extra years and went through one author change before it would arrive on shelves this month.

Apparently, “Let it Go, Louie” has been well received by the people it aims to document.

“Let it Go, Louie” co-author Barbara Winther told me that Art Mirkovich, whose father came to Bainbridge from Croatia in the early 1920s, had been anxiously awaiting the book for over five years. Hearing that he had fallen ill, Barbara sent a draft that recounted the Mirkovich family’s history. Art’s daughter read it to him in the hospital. A few weeks later, he died.

“His wife said that he had been holding on until the book came,” Barbara said. “That touched me very much.”

Tonight at Eagle Harbor Books, Barbara and co-author Gary Loverich will read from the book and show some of the hundreds of old photos (like the one to the left) they’ve collected.

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