Police detain sword-waving, knife-throwing ‘werewolf’ hunter

A scraped-up, shirtless man armed with a sword and several throwing knives was detained by police today.

The man had been seen waving the sword near the ProBuild hardware store off High School Road just before 1:45 p.m. Witnesses said he had also been visiting the nearby Ace hardware store.

The man told police he was hunting werewolves and “chuds.”

He surrendered to police without incident and was transported to Harrison Hospital in Bremerton for an evaluation.

The full police press release is below.

On March 23, 2010 at approximately 1:45 PM an off duty Bainbridge Island Police Officer advised of a man armed with a sword in the parking lot of Pro Build. It was reported the subject was waving the sword around in an aggressive manner and was stabbing several miscellaneous objects. On duty officers responded and contacted a 35 year old man. The shirtless man was standing at the front door of the business with a large Nanite Sword in his hands. The male had multiple scrapes and cuts on his body. Officers approached the male subject and instructed him to disarm himself which he did without further incident. Officers disarmed the male who was also armed with several throwing knifes and other sharp weapons.

The subject was detained and questioned about his behavior. The detained male reported that he was “Hunting Werewolves and Chuds.” He told police he was concerned about his safety. The man advised officers that the Werewolves and Chuds in many cases took the form of humans. The male provided enough information that officers on scene believed he was a harm to himself or others. He was taken to Harrison Memorial Hospital for evaluation.

Following the incident at Pro Build several individuals contacted police and advised that the subject had been seen in the area of Ace Hardware. They reported the male had been approaching customers and staff displaying and demonstrating his sword and throwing knives.

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