Jay Inslee for governor?

There’s been plenty of speculation that Bainbridge’s own Jay Inslee is going to run for governor in 2012.

He’s run before. And he said he’s “interested” last June.

Well, now his former campaign manager has registered two websites that give another strong indication Inslee is serious about leading the state.

As reported by the State Column, Chris McCullough, who worked for four years as Inslee’s campaign mangager and is now a Seattle-area political strategist, registered jayinsleeforgovernor.com and insleeforgovernor.com earlier this month.

Here’s what the State Column had to say about the websites:

“While speculation on a run by the Congressman is nothing new, this is the first sign that Inslee is seriously considering a run for governor. While the state’s current governor, Christine Gregoire, floated the notion of a third term, support for the governor has since waned. Amongst the state party, Congressman Inslee — with his fundraising connections and strong political base—is seen to have the best shot at winning both the primary and general election in 2012.”

4 thoughts on “Jay Inslee for governor?

  1. Two votes here for Governor Inslee. Three if I can prove that Clark and Superman are really two people.

  2. (are we having a glitch with this site?)
    Tristan — are you sure you didn’t flip the page to April 1 with this article. Jay “Who” Inslee for replacement to Queen Christine. I doubt it.

    Rep Inslee is a light weight with all due respect to true light weights.

    See James Watkins’s campaign. This will be interesting especially since Inslee was deep in the Obamination Sausage Health Care assembly line.

  3. This is a sick joke. Do we really even want to consider the man who claims to have done much, in fact done little other than spend other peoples, yours and my monies, for projects he knows little about. Without Pelosi to tell him what to do he will be totally lost. This is a really dumb idea or thought-BAD JOKE

  4. If you like Gregoire, you will love Inslee. Can you imagine him trying to get state spending under control? Can you imagine him saying no to the state employees’ unions? Bring it on Jay!

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