Police blotter: Woman gets her unlocked bike stolen twice…at the same place


Not much happened this week. Even the bicycle thefts I refer to in the headline happened in December and October.

Blotter is below.

Jan. 13
Theft: A Bainbridge female reported that two of her unlocked bicycles were stolen from the high school. One bicycle was taken in October, and the other in December. She was at the high school for a community event on both occasions.

Jan. 12
Crash: A Bainbridge man backed his Volvo station wagon into a parked Toyota SUV with enough force that the SUV collided with a parked Toyota car. The collisions happened in the Town & Country Market parking lot just before 1 p.m. All three vehicles suffered rear-end damage.

Jan. 10
Vandalized: Eleven city street signs were sprayed with silver paint in the Manitou Beach area during the night. Two signs had to be replaced.