Redmond businessman challenges Inslee

A Redmond businessman is stepping up to face Rep. Jay Inslee in 2010.

James Watkins, who worked for over a decade for Microsoft, said on his newly-launched website that he’s running against “career office-seeker Jay Inslee” because of the Bainbridge Democrat’s support for “passing massive tax and regulatory burdens on working Americans.”


Inslee and his political ilk are “killing the American Dream,” said Watkins, who ran a small bank when he was 22 and now works as a business consultant.

Inslee, who has not announced whether he’ll seek reelection, has won the 1st Congressional District by wide margins since wrestling it from Republican Rick White almost 12 years ago.

The 1st Congressional District includes Redmond, Kirkland, Edmonds, Bainbridge, and Central and North Kitsap.

In recent elections, Inslee has faced Kirkland Republican Larry Ishmael. On his website, Ishmael announced he’d not run against Inslee in 2010 because he is studying for a Ph.D. Ishmael predicts Inslee will seek the Washington governorship in 2012.

Watkins’ website does not mention party affiliation, but the Seattle P-I reports that he is seeking the Republican nomination.

6 thoughts on “Redmond businessman challenges Inslee

  1. I just wanted to make a correction and a comment. First of all, I am tentatively planning to run for the open seat in the 1st Congressional District when Inslee runs for Governor again in 2012, not for governor. Secondly, the new contender for 2010 is a Republican, James Watkins.

  2. Based on previous showings from Mr. Ishmael, new blood in this race is desperately needed. I bet not one in fifty new who Larry Ishmael was here on the western front of the First Congressional. There were no opinion pieces, policy papers, interview, nothing in the local media. Based on the outcome, I don’t think there was much more on the east side either.

    Hopefully Mr. Walton is talented and ambitious because that is what is needed to topple Inslee.

  3. Jim Holsen — is first cousin to Olsen — amazing Holsen.

    Not sure who your open question was directed to. Seeing no other takers my vote last time in the First Congressional: anyone but Jay “Who” Inslee. However Larry Ishmael never managed to close the deal or anything close to it with the voters.

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