The Alaskan Way Terrorduct

Through a blog post by none other than Bainbridge Islander editor Ric Hallock, I learned of a horrifying video simulation (above) of all Hell breaking loose right where (gasp!) a large percentage islanders disembark the ferry for work everyday.

The state Department of Transportation produced the simulation to show (with flames and crashes and the ripping of the earth’s crust) what would happen if an earthquake struck the Alaskan Way Viaduct.

It’s sort of long, and really needs a soundtrack (with booming drums and crashing cymbals) to go along with it, but it did is thrilling watch (for a video game…uh, I mean a video simulation). Notice at the end that the ferries are safe and sound. The lesson: if an earthquake hits, buy a ticket and set sail.

For a smaller-attention-span version (and with added screams!) see the video response below.

One thought on “The Alaskan Way Terrorduct

  1. Wow. This is awesome. I wonder why no tsunami is expected. I’ve heard the waves would bounce back and forth across the Sound like a bathtub, causing multiple tsunamis.

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