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If you haven’t taken a look yet, the Kitsap Sun just launched its revamped website. You can see the front page at

Also, stop by the Sun’s new Bainbridge page. That’s where all the stuff I write ends up, and quite a few Bainbridge stories by other Sun writers. Don’t forget to bookmark it on your toolbar or set up an RSS feed (that’s that orange dot/curvy line thing on the top right of the Bainbridge Islander page).

In other Kitsap Sun news, the editorial board is looking for a few good volunteers. The current two community members are from Bremerton and Port Orchard. Figures, right? Well, now’s your chance to get an islander (you) on board and inject some Bainbridgeness into the editorial page.

Being a member of the board means you have to have ready access to e-mail, attend weekly meetings in Bremerton (don’t worry. They’re opening an organic market downtown, so you won’t starve), and you have to work well with others (Bainbridge City Council members need not apply).

Read more about the ins and outs of serving on the board in by clicking here.

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