Vancil concedes to Scales in North Ward City Council race

Councilwoman Debbie Vancil conceded to challenger Bob Scales on Monday.

Vancil’s announcement came after an updated vote total released this Monday afternoon showed Vancil almost three percentage points behind Scales.

“It was my hope that I would be able to continue working with you all to complete the changes we initiated last May, and put the needed structures in place to secure a responsive and accountable small town, community-led government,” she said in a statement to supporters. “Even though the close results of my race will not allow me to continue with you in this effort, I know it will happen.”

Scales’ narrow lead over Vancil has held steady since Tuesday, when initial results were released.

With only 200 ballots left to count in the county on Monday evening, Scales had 50.9 percent of the island’s vote to Vancil’s 48.3 percent.

Scales said he expects “a totally different dynamic” on the council when he and the other election leaders – Debbi Lester and Kirsten Hytopoulos – are sworn in at the start of next year.

“With three new council members, we have a very good shot of changing things,” he said, referring to a poor working relationship between members. “And the council members (still) there, I know, don’t want to keep doing things as they’ve been done.”

In the South Ward race, in which Tim Jacobsen conceded to Hytopoulos on Thursday, updated election totals show little change. Hytopoulos had 51.8 percent to Jacobsen’s 47.7 percent.

Lester, in the Central Ward race, held steady with a wide lead over Dee DuMont, who conceded defeat on Tuesday. As of Monday, DuMont had 45.1 to Lester’s 54.4 percent.

Updated results show the Bainbridge school bond passing with 61.4 percent.

The EMS levy was passing with 73.5 percent.

One thought on “Vancil concedes to Scales in North Ward City Council race

  1. Debbie — thanks for all your years of service. I guess we won’t have Big Debbie and Little Debbie.

    As for Scales, big talk and now it is showtime. The proof is in the pudding or the quagmire.

    Cut COBI spending. Stop MVET. Cut staff. Cut Hollywood live broadcast of COBI meeting (free PR exposure of politicos), fill the potholes, build the COBI reserve, cut the BS. Stop water boarding the populace with your mind-numbing COBI process. Less government is better than more government.

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