Ex-city manager takes off the gloves

In a candid interview just before he left the city, ex-city manager Mark Dombroski called out the City Council and a small group of islanders he says are causing the the divisiveness and indecisiveness that permeates City Hall.

“I’ve lost faith with the ability this council,” he said. “They’ve created an environment that’s not conducive to a good trusting relationship with myself and staff.”

Read more of Dombroski’s “exit interview” here.

3 thoughts on “Ex-city manager takes off the gloves

  1. Come now does this gut think we all just fell off the back of a turnip truck? The Islanders recognize that the base reasons for the mess lay at the door step of the ex-Mayor. This guy was hired by her and you would expect nothing less that for him to not take shots at her. Well he is not being honest with the citizens and it is easy for downtown to blame the Council. Plus blaming the Council surely makes those who help orchestrate the mess at City Hall feel insulated. Won’t work- just a few more weeks of the ex-Mayor having any further push for all the things going down that few see as priorities and or want and support.

    It would be my hope little to nothing gets done until the new Council is in place and the Ex-Mayor, the money printer, and the ghost are off the Council and a fresh look is accomplished!

  2. I agree with Lou that some of the problems can be put on the ex-mayor. I don’t think she or some of the staff were forthcoming and transparent on some issues. However, most of Lou’s posting reads like a council apologist. If anyone were to take a step back and look at the issues in the big-picture, it is clear that the council has more than its fair share of problems and faults. Regardless of what the mayor wanted to do or recommended doing or spending money on, The council has the absolute final say in financial matters. If the council don’t put it in the budget, it don’t get spent! The mayor cannot spend money that the council didn’t give her.

    Knobloch should have had no part at all in representing the city in the settlement talks with the RPA. Good grief, he accepted money from the Plaintiff for his reelection campaign! His computer just happens to “crash” when he is asked to turn over emails? He failed to comply with the conflict of interest reporting, even after being reminded repeatedly?

  3. My dear Hunter-
    If you want to single out Council members you might consider looking at the Money Printer ( Snow ), the cryer ( Franz ). the ghost ( Kjell ) and ( the thinker )Peters. These people need a remedial course in Finance and basic checkbook. We are in this fiscal mess because NO to the ex-mayor isn’t in their vocabulary. Now I see these people are for making up for their inabilities with a car excise tax. Peter’s who lead this goups because of a trance from the ex-Mayor is basically hiding his ineptness thru such vs. really getting in and taking a close look at the City Hall mess.

    Don’t let the Council do anything, spend or tax until the new Council arrives and we are rid of three of the bad apples, Snow, Kjell, and our ex-Mayor.

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