3 thoughts on “Bainbridge considering car tab fee

  1. Here is an idea: Before each vote on an expenditure, the council should ask themselves (in public at the council meetings), is this expediture for an essential government service? If not, then it gets put on the backburner.

    Knobloch, Brackett & Vancil are dead-on with this one. The measure would fail just as badly or worse than Bremerton’s vote yesterday. Until the council cuts the spending on non-essential services, no one is going to voluntarily give them more tax money.

  2. STOP COBI~PETERS CAR TAX ~~~ call your Council members, call the interim manager, call the slate of newly elected Council members and tell them NO WAY on this new tax.

    COBI Rerack your spending. Stop the yearly $256,000 BITV broadcasts contract of the Hollywood Council. Use that money to fill pot holes and stop with the glam.

    See YouTube http://www.YouTube.com Deceit Deception: BI Recall http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lz-e3n68VT8&feature=related


  3. I’m told that if we don’t assess the $20 fee — or if any city doesn’t — Kitsap County can and they can use our money on any project they see fit. If so, I say we do it… but that would be the only reason.

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