Daily Archives: October 25, 2009

Wilkes Elementary: sturdy facade, scuzzy interior


It’s round two for the Bainbridge school district’s $42 million bond.

After failing by just a handful of votes in May, the district has done little more to the bond than brush it off and try to pitch it to the public more effectively.

Part of the district’s campaign for the November ballot was to give tours of Wilkes Elementary, which will draw most of the bond’s dollars for a full demolition and rebuild.

I took the tour on Thursday. The most striking thing for me was hearing a teacher recount the times she’s had to don rubber boots when a nearby bathroom floods the hallway and part of her classroom.

With a host of problems – from its roof to its underground infrastructure – it seems most everyone agrees Wilkes is in a sad state. There is, however, disagreement over when and how to fix it.

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