Daily Archives: October 23, 2009

Farm-bound prototype prefabs take a detour


The idea seemed too strange, and maybe too good, to be true: take two prototype housing units built to usher in a new era of affordability and green living for Seattle’s young professionals, crane them down from the roof of a downtown building, load them on flatbeds, drive them to the Kitsap Peninsula and use them as affordable housing at a city-owned farm on Bainbridge Island.

Instead, the stackable, sustainably-designed homes — which made their cross-sound trek last Saturday — sit unoccupied near the island’s old dump.

Read more about the adventures of the prototype prefabs here.

Sun endorses Jacobsen, Lester and Scales

The Kitsap Sun’s editorial board endorsed City Council candidates Tim Jacobsen, Debbi Lester and Bob Scales.

The Sun also gave a nod to the local school bond and EMS levy.

Read the endorsements here.

It seems a day didn’t go by recently without someone (sometimes more than one someone) asking me who the Sun was going to endorse. Truth is, I learn who the Sun endorses the same way everyone else does: by reading the paper.

Also, be sure to check out the Sun’s online voter guide. It’s right over here. Lots of information supplied direct by the candidates, and some interactive wizdings to allow side-by-side comparisons.

Happy voting.

Killer whales swimming near The Rock

Some 50 killer whales moved into Central Puget Sound on Wednesday night, and on Thursday they were seen at various locations from Vashon Island to Bainbridge Island, according to Susan Berta of Orca Network.

The orcas included J and K pods as well as a few whales from L Pod, she said.

The three killer whale pods, known as Southern Residents, often visit Central and South Puget Sound in the fall and early winter, when they feed on chum salmon returning to streams in the region.

Researchers confirmed that the whales were feeding, Berta said, because at least one was spotted with a fish in its mouth.

In other local killer whale-related news, the Bainbridge Historical Museum is showing the exhibit “Whales in Our Midst: Killer Whales in the Salish Sea” through the fall.

Liveaboard issue on KUOW at noon

KUOW, a Seattle NPR station, plans to discuss the Eagle Harbor liveaboard issue during The Conversation, today starting at noon. One of the producers told me this morning that former liveaboard Paul Svornich has been lined up to discuss the city’s newly approved open water marina and how it will impact the harbor’s anchored-out liveaboards. See my below post for more information on the plan.

You can listen to The Conversation online by clicking here.