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Liveaboards may soon disappear from Eagle Harbor

A close vote by the City Council initiated a process that may clear Eagle Harbor of its anchored-out liveaboards.

“They’re done. That’s it,” said Ryan Landworth, who lived in the harbor for more than a decade.

The council approved a plan on Wednesday that would essentially reduce the number of liveaboards in the inner harbor from around 20 to four. Rules and fees (perhaps $500 a month) would likely drop that number down to zero as liveaboards move to maintain their low-cost lifestyle elsewhere.

Landworth, who was active in fighting a state effort to make living aboard boats illegal in the 1990s, said no Eagle Harbor liveaboards plan to sign on to the city’s plan.

The city’s action came as a result of pressure from the state, which has in recent years evicted liveaboards from state-managed waters like Eagle Harbor. Bainbridge was the only community in the state working on a plan that would allow some liveaboards to remain anchored out.

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Will the election decide the fate of Winslow Way?


A lawsuit, money problems and disagreements at City Hall could push some of the final decisions on the Winslow Way reconstruction on to the next City Council. With three open spots, the seven-member council could see a shift in support for the project after next month’s election.

I asked the six candidates about their positions on Winslow Way. I heard plenty of nuanced opinions.

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BI council candidate discussions on video

With the election less than two weeks away, it’s getting close to crunch time for all you undecideds. Here’s our latest study aid: video discussions with the central and south ward City Council candidates.

They answered questions from Sun editor David Nelson about the city manager’s resignation, the Winslow Way project, community division over city issues, how to prioritize spending and their vision for the island in the coming years.

Scheduling conflicts prevented the Sun from getting the North Ward candidates (Debbie Vancil and Bob Scales) in front of a camera together.

Grab some coffee, maybe a snack, and see your local politicians in action!

CENTRAL WARD: Dee DuMont (to the left) and Debbi Lester (right).

SOUTH WARD: Tim Jacobsen (to the left) and Kirsten Hytopoulos (right).

Prosecutor may reopen BI molestation case

Kitsap County prosecutors vowed to refile charges against a Bainbridge man accused of following a young girl into a bathroom at the island’s aquatic center in March 2008.

A court of appeals decision released Tuesday has the potential to reopen the door for prosecutors to charge Michael J. Gaffney with attempted first-degree child molestation.

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