Poll result: three-way tie for Lynwood Center’s new name

Looks like Bainbridge Conversation readers are sharply divided over what Lynwood Center’s new name should be.

After two weeks of polling, the votes show “Walt’s Town,” “The Other, Better Lynwood, Not The One North of Seattle,” and “The Historical, Fantastical, Magical Lynwood Center” netted an equal amount of support.

Now what? I guess the proponents of each of the three winning names will just have to fight it out on the streets. I suggest all 27 of you meet at noon on Saturday at that big gravel lot across from the Treehouse Cafe to have it out. Rain or shine. The winners can then take it up at the next council meeting for formal re-naming approval. If the council balks or brings up some section in Robert’s Rules of Order, simply wave your bloodied fists for added emphasis.

Surprisingly, “Springfield” came in second, with six votes. “Tree House City” and “Schel-chelbton” (my pick) drew two votes each. “Tudorburg” got one and “Tudorsville” got nothing.