Lawsuit could force city to triple sewer rates

The city is drafting an ordinance that would allow it to double or possibly triple Winslow sewer rates to fill a funding gap for the nearly-completed sewer plant upgrade.

A lawsuit and recent appeal from the Bainbridge Ratepayers Alliance has effectively blocked the city’s ability obtain the bond-funded portion of the project.

“The lawsuit appeal needlessly risks a financial crisis for the city and its sewer ratepayers,” City Councilman Barry Peters said.

Alliance members say the emergency rate hike would be unfair to sewer customers.

“To threaten them because we’re seeking justice and due democratic process is astounding,” said alliance member Sally Adams.

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One thought on “Lawsuit could force city to triple sewer rates

  1. Barry’s comment is just a beauty. Since when has he been concerned about the citizen taxpayers of this Island or for that matter anything economic. Why should anybody but the user have to pay the costs. If the user doesn’t like their costs then they have a couple of obvious options, move or toss the bedpan into the backyard or Barry could propose yet another tax, instead of a car excise tax it could be Barry’s waster water/wizz tax!

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