Police blotter: Car thief escapes on kayak


In this week’s blotter, a car thief leads police on a gas-, foot- and paddle-powered chase near Battle Point. They’re still searching for the thief, who was last seen slipping away on a kayak.

Ever notice the violent bands of gun- and bat-wielding black people roaming the island? How’s about the gangs of of El Camino-diving Mexicans armed with brass knuckles? No? Well, neither had Bainbridge police, who thought it odd this week when a drunk and bleeding man blamed his head injuries on what would have amounted to a large part of the island’s relatively small non-white population. With a smidge of detective work, police determined that an out-of-control bicycle was to blame. No word on the bike’s color or country of origin.

The blotter’s below.

Sept. 13
Burglary: Prescription drugs, cigarettes and DVDs were reported stolen from a Roberts Road home. Entry was gained through a kitchen window. The residents suspect an acquaintance may have been involved.

Reckless: A male was cited for reckless driving near the intersection of High School Road and Highway 305 shortly after 11:30 a.m. An officer observed the man pull two three-foot-high wheelies before accelerating his motorcycle to about 75 mph. The suspect apologized for the first wheelie. The second was on accident, he said.

Sept. 12
Kayak escape: A male suspected of having stolen vehicle eluded police by abandoning his vehicle, running into woods near Battle Point Park and eventually escaping in a stolen kayak. Police initially attempted to stop the man on Arrowpoint Drive at about 2:30 p.m. after noticing that his Honda SUV’s plates matched that of a vehicle stolen out of Vancouver, Wash. The suspect led police on a pursuit taking them at high speed down a gravel driveway. The suspect exited the SUV and continued his escape on foot. He disappeared into the woods near a Tolo Road driveway. Other police joined in the search but did not find the suspect. A short time later, police received a report that the suspect had jumped over a fence and ran through the yard at a Battle Point Road residence. Another caller reported that his kayak had been stolen from his Tolo Road home’s yard. Police found a handgun, body armor and a female’s identification in the stolen vehicle. Police were unsuccessful in their search of the waters near Battle Point.

Sept. 11
Bloodied: A Bainbridge male reported just before 6 p.m. that he had been assaulted by several black males on Bluff Street. The victim said the males wore black and white, were all about 5’8 and used guns and bats to beat him. The victim sounded highly intoxicated to 911 responders. Police noticed the victim was bleeding from multiple head wounds and drinking beer when they arrived at his home. The victim told police he was “jumped” at his house by six or seven Mexican males who arrived in an El Camino car. One of the assailants beat him with brass knuckles, he said. The victim was still wet from a shower and was partially clothed. A set of clothes nearby was covered in blood and mud. Upon noticing fresh mud on the victim’s bicycle, police asked him whether he had crashed his bike. The victim initially denied a bike accident, but later said he had crashed, but that it occurred days ago. After conferring with witnesses, police determined that the victim’s injuries were from a bike crash and that he had not been assaulted.

Dog bite: A bicyclist was attacked by an unrestrained dog near the intersection of New Brooklyn Road and Madison Avenue. The victim, a Bainbridge resident, said the dog chased her and bit her ankle, causing minor injuries. The owner said she was leading her unleashed blue heeler to a car after visiting a nearby storage rental business when the dog ran away to attack the cyclist. A report was forwarded to animal control.

Sept. 9
Harassed: A resident of a Lynwood Center Road Buddhist center reported ongoing harassment and trespass by a neighbor. The resident reported that the neighbor yelled profanities and threw a bucket filled with rocks and dirt onto the center’s property. According to the resident, the neighbor yelled that she would cut the resident’s face, that he had trespassed and that he had damaged her rug. The neighbor later threw several small boulders on the center’s property. She also erroneously asserted that she owns the center’s property. The resident said the neighbor’s strange behavior has been escalating. Police advised the resident to call police when the behavior occurs again so police can witness it.

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  1. The car thief escaping police pursuit in a kayak was good for a chuckle a couple of days ago but now hearing that the guy left behind a firearm and body armor in the stolen car extinguishes the humor. Be careful out there BIPD . . .

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