BGI earns accreditation

bgilogoAfter handing out diplomas for almost seven years, Bainbridge Graduate Institute has finally earned its cap and gown as a fully-accredited college.

Established in 2002 as the nation’s first business school focused on environmental sustainability, BGI has produced 200 graduates and developed a growing reputation among academic and business leaders.

“Becoming accredited is a big step in the evolution and the growth of the school,” BGI president and co-founder Gifford Pinchot III said in a statement.

BGI was notified of its accreditation by the Accrediting Council for Independent Colleges and Schools on Tuesday.

Accreditation would broaden BGI’s fundraising reach and allow students to transfer credits and obtain government financial aid.

As a requirement for accreditation, BGI recently ramped up its administrative and clerical operations.

Fundraising shortfalls in 2008 forced the school to cut a third of its budget and a third of its staff. Most of the layoffs impacted staff hired to help with the accreditation process.

Last year, BGI was ranked first in sustainable business education by Net Impact’s guide to graduate business school programs and was selected by Business Week as one of the world’s top design and innovation schools.

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  1. You’re story should make it clear that ACICS accreditation is not highly respected. It is used primarily by for-profit organizations that are unable to obtain regional accreditation. credits earned at ACICS-accredited schools generally will not transfer to traditional regionally-accredited schools (UW, WSU, Seattle U, etc.)

  2. If you’re interested, a little Google searching may cast doubt on some of Mike’s harsh comments. I was unable to find out what regional accrediting body B G I might have applied to; given the nature of the institution, I doubt that the school was free to choose where to go for accreditation of their Master’s level program in sustainable business. The B G I program offers elements of the typical M B A program, with more rigor than is found in many traditional B-Schools. But it is a specialized program, and not for everyone. Most B-Schools exist within universities that offer many graduate and professional degrees, and they are accredited in that context, where B G I does not belong.

    I don’t know whether B G I credits can be transferred to another program. That’s a decision that would be made at the graduate or professional school. Typically, such programs are much less generous toward transfer students than undergraduate programs; they need all the tuition income they can get, and in B-schools especially, students go in lock step through a standardized program of courses.

    In practical terms, the great benefit of accreditation is that students become eligible for loans and scholarships. B G I is generous toward its students in many ways, but it’s not cheap, so this addition to the program’s legitimacy is something to celebrate.

  3. On a somewhat related issue, who exactly owns the IslandWood Theme Park? Someone — that person — put together what appears to be formidable public monies, grants and donations to build a lil’green city on the south end of BI. I also wonder if that park and all its components are actually on the tax register.

    Perhaps a devotee of IslandWood can provide some facts about the location of the BGI.

  4. On a somewhat related issue, who exactly owns all of those home-made signs that litter the Island? Someone- that person- has apparantly put together a formidable sign making enterprise in an effort to blanket the entire Island with opinion signs. On a recent short drive into town I counted more than 40. There are so many, I believe they can be seen from space. Of course, there are also a lot of campaign signs, but at least they are only seasonal and usually come down at proper and respectful times, and none of them express any negativity or opinion’s.

  5. Jon: Credits earned at ACICS-accredited schools almost never transfer to regionally accredited schools. As the ACICS web site rather coyly puts it, “Students seeking to transfer earned credits should be aware that policies at some traditional colleges and universities have not kept pace with the mobility of today’s students. Some universities accept academic credits or degrees only from institutions that are regionally accredited.”

    In fact, many ACICS-accredited organizations have been successfully sued for falsely telling students that credits would transfer.

    I point this out because the Sun’s reporting says that ACICS-accredited credits will transfer and that is simply wrong.

  6. Celestial One — on a somewhat related issue, B G I must be concerned with the notion of sustainability of organizations such as COBI. With wasteful ways in Public Works (see Benchmark Study for the specifics), money for roads was lost to the friction of inefficient operation. Turning to the taxpayers for a new tax is dead wrong. Celestial One, that isn’t complicated to understand especially for one searching the stars.

    As to new bonds that the voters have said no to, that also comes under the category of B G I’s focus on sustainability of the taxpayers. B G I knows full well public bond offerings that are 30-50% too high does no one a favor.

    As to Celestial’s concern with negativity, actually the signs express a tremendous affirmation of the taxpayers’ right to say no to unnecessary or ill-timed new taxes.

  7. Thanks for clearing up ownership of those signs. Is Shining City Media on the tax rolls? Does it do anything besides signs? I can certainly understand if it is a ‘not for profit’.

  8. It shouldn’t be that complicated to understand or answer the question. If Shining City Media is the generator of all those signs that, “ a tremendous affirmation of the taxpayers’ right to say no..”, is Shining City Media paying any taxes?

  9. Saw the letter in the Islander this morning, James, and was lucky enough to see the interview before the video was taken down. Very interesting.

  10. Hey Concerned Astrologer — Yes, Scott Schmidt — aka Big Brother — is watching you.

    Speaking of BITV propaganda, here is the story.

    BITV YouTube LINK FOUND: Deplorable BITV YouTube retaliation against COBI spending critic

    Comcast Customers, Bainbridge Taxpayers and Local Leaders — here’s the link …

    Comcast Customers, Bainbridge Taxpayers and Local Leaders — here’s the link on the BITV-produced video going after me for criticism of COBI spending. This was also the video Schmidt referenced in last Saturday’s Bainbridge Islander (circulation 10,000). BITV James Olsen, or

    Background on BITV production. A few points:

    * Comments made two years ago long before COBI financial fiasco and BITV program of retaliation against COBI critics and aggressive BITV-biased news.
    * In the YouTube Schmidt/Shearer provide no statement as to date of date the comments were made. Typically misleading and manipulative.
    * BITV has no authorization signed by me for any comments to be aired. The comments were offered by me in a chat with the BITV news department, so called. I gave no implicit or explicit legal release on release of my statement.
    * BITV Schmidt/Shearer, and/or their agents, provided the raw tapes to someone who produced this video.
    * Comments are heavily edited. You can see the edit points. Since I sat relatively motionless the video can be perceived as one long pro-BITV statement.

    Notwithstanding my comments of two years ago, BITV is no longer an honest broker. But more to the point: COBI is flat broke and we, the taxpayers, cannot afford to have a contract with BITV for Hollywood production of Council meeting. This Council broadcast is cost upwards of $200,000 per year recurring. At $4,000 per evening Council session, taxpayers want the roads maintained or proper police manning.

    Since this video statement was made two years ago, a great deal of deterioration in COBI finances have happened that cause me to say live-broadcast by BITV is not within COBI’s austerity budget.

    The video explanation combined with a highly edited undated and unauthorized image lead me to classify this as deplorable. Schmidt may feel entitled to his $256K contract, but he has no right to go after a citizen with his 501 (c) (3) organization. BITV Schmidt and Shearer are more like Big Brother with their propaganda video productions telling their “truth.”

    Again, contact Paul A. Merriman, or Merriman Financial Services, the adult supervision of BITV, and let him know that this is not healthy community television or proper us of a non-profit. His number is in the Bainbridge telephone book or you can use a Goggle search.

  11. Concerned Astrologer — now don’t go we weeing on us as your POTUS says, but here’s the real story on pay-to-play bnotnews. This Podunk station makes the Sun look like the NYT.

    This is the neural brain of BITV — crime reporter Acid Blotter. Check out this YouTube. Oh, Concerned Astrologer, wasn’t it impressive that Schmidt pulls down his YouTube (per his lawyers) so none of the 10,000 Islander paper readers can see Schmidt’s paranoiac attempt to justify his station.

    Here’s the link. Oh, and have a BITV crime-free day. http://www.YouTube search BITV Crime(censored) Rebuttal.

  12. Concerned Astronomer:

    Thanks for the link. Love it when our erstwhile Cap’n says, “Free speech on this island is fairly hard to come by.” What a laugher coming from the guy who continuously litters the island with his free speech, and never misses a chance to play the troll on a newspaper web site or local blog. I gotta believe Olsen thinks “free speech” equals “speech that agrees with mine.”

  13. Hey Mike and Hey Concerned Astrologer — As President Obama said so eloquently, you two are too busy we weeing about free speech here in the Dog Days of August. What gives, get out and support your cause but stop we weeing. It’s not healthy.

    The matter of BITV crimes and Free Speech was covered in a YouTube not doctored by BITV Big Brother.

    Mike — got last name? Astrologer — got any name?

    Here’s the YouTube featuring the anti-political free speech thugs? Perhaps you were included. BITV Crime (censored) Rebuttal or the link is:

  14. FYI, It is also possible to go to Youtube and search, ‘James Olsen Shining City Media’ to view this very informative video.

  15. Koi — long time no hear from you. Glad you are back. Yes: BITV crime (censored) Rebuttal. These are the key words.

    Check out BITV crimes YouTubes. Very telling about broken faith of our local community television station.

    Remember: BITV is pay-to-play BnotNews.

    Contact: Paul A. Merriman, adult supervision for BITV, and tell him you don’t condone BITV Schmidt behavior with his illegal YouTube productions.

    Oh, and Koi, don’t go we weeing like Astrologer and Mike. That is too unseemly.

  16. Apparently, Shining City Media is awake again after it’s nap, and still appears to be “..mad as hell..”. He has been asleep so long he has yet to realize it is now September. It is worth noting that Shining City Media has still not answered the question as to whether or not Shining City Media is on the tax registers of either Bainbridge Island or the State of Washington, which raises several other serious questions, like, how many times has Shining City Media taken advantage of our tax-payer funded police department concerning the alleged theft of home-made signs, and hasn’t this liberal use of this Island resource contibuted to our current financial troubles? Have any of those ‘police reports’ been used as documentation in any insurance claims filed for loss due to theft? What is the going rate, for insurance purposes, of a home-made sign consisting of a stick, a piece of recycled cardboard and a couple of nails? I don’t know if there is any monkey business going on, but something doesn’t smell right. How about some of that famous disinfecting sunlight that Shining City Media is so fond of recommending to others?

  17. Concerned Astrologer certainly has a fertile mind — wow ! Astrologer could get a gig on MSLSD cable station as an anchor. Hey CA, Bring on the sunlight to your serious allegations. And by the way, you who has a weird name.

    And as far as your claim — after ample frothing — . . . “but something doesn’t smell right.” You might just look to no further than yourself.

    Yes, contact AG Rob McKenna and Gov Gregoire and get your task force going on your allegations.

    Are you sure you are not CB who went off the deep end? Or perhaps it is Acid Blotter. Idle speculations since it is much ado about nothing.

    And yes check out BITV Crime (Censored) Rebuttal for leads in your quest.

  18. Hat’s off to the comedian(s) who put up all the new signs. Very funny. My two favorites are the ‘Crab’, and ‘Scrooge McDuck’.

  19. Perry’s bar on sign comedy is so low he thinks he is funny. What about the provocative “TAX STUPID SIGNS” — money goes to Barry Peters MVET foundation. Absolutely scathing signs, eh?

    Just wait for the invasion of big yellow VOTE CHECK MARK SCHOOLS signs polluting Our Island. Now those are really brilliant signs. Here they come Perry.

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