Police blotter: Woman channels Wolverine in fight against husband


Enraged after finding her husband’s secret stash of booze, a Bainbridge woman tucked her car keys between her fingers and went at his stomach and shoulder with claw-enhanced blows.

He was apparently OK. He moved to Oregon, nursed his wounds, and recently reported the incident to Bainbridge police.

Where would someone get ideas about how to hit someone in such a nasty way? Oh, I don’t know…maybe here.

Also this week, tourists have a tough time in Winslow. A Wenatchee woman’s video camera was stolen at a Winslow Way bakery and a Colorado man got his rear-end bruised by VW Golf while crossing Madison Avenue.

The blotter’s below.

Aug. 17
Theft: A Wenatchee woman reported that a video camera was stolen from her unattended bag at Bainbridge Bakers on Winslow Way. The camera was valued at $200.

Aug. 16
Found: A missing Shelton teenager was found asleep in a pickup truck with other teens outside a condo complex on Wallace Way. The missing teen’s parents said they did not have transportation to pickup their son on Bainbridge. The teen was released to the 18-year-old driver of the truck who agreed to take the teen home. A condo resident donated money to help pay for gas.

Drunk driving: A 54-year-old Bainbridge man was arrested for drunk driving on Highway 305 near Day Road shortly after 1:30 a.m. Police initially saw the suspect’s vehicle traveling in an erratic manner. The suspect admitted to having consumed “a few drinks hours ago.” After failing a series of field sobriety tests, the man was transported to the county jail.

Aug. 14
Loosened: A Bainbridge man found while he was driving that the lug nuts on a wheel of his vehicle had been loosened. No recent repairs had been done on the vehicle. Police believe someone involved in a lawsuit with the man may have loosened the lug nuts.

Aug. 12
Threatened: A Suquamish woman reported that a man she frequently speaks to at Fort Ward State Park made remarks that may have been threatening. The man has invited the woman on a date and has expressed anger toward her when she did not return courtesies. When she returned some of his magazines to his doorstep without talking to him in person, the man became angry and asked “Are you afraid I am going to kill you?” The woman said the man has “quite a temper,” has called her insulting names. She feels intimidated because he is a former police officer and has mentioned he has access to several guns. She had a report taken by police but requested no further action.

Struck: A pedestrian was bruised and two cars damaged during a collision on Madison Avenue near the Pavilion just before 2 p.m. A Bainbridge woman driving a Volvo station wagon rear-ended a Volkswagon Golf that was stopped to allow two pedestrians to pass on a crosswalk. The impact forced the Golf into one of the pedestrians. The pedestrian, a Colorado man, suffered a bruised buttock. The Golf driver, who lives on Bainbridge, reported soreness in his back. His car suffered rear damage. The Volvo’s front was dented. The Volvo driver said she was distracted by her radio and had been traveling too fast. She was cited for inattentive driving.

Aug. 10
Assault: An Oregon man reported that his wife assaulted him in their Soundview Drive home in early June. The victim said the suspect became angry when she found his secret stash of alcohol. When he reached to grab a bottle, the suspect punched his shoulder and stomach. She had vehicle keys jutting between her fingers when she punched him, causing puncture wounds on his skin. The victim said he did not initially report the incident because he wanted to “work things out” with the suspect. He moved to Oregon a few days after the incident occured. The suspect told police she stuck the victim to “get him away from her.” She said she did not intend to strike him with the keys. A report was forwarded to the prosecutor’s office for possible charges.

Crash: A 46-year-old Suquamish woman was arrested for being in control of a vehicle shortly after she struck a power pole and a tree on Hidden Cove Road shortly after 12:30 a.m. The suspect, who was crying when police arrived, admitted she’d been drinking, not sleeping, not eating and that she suffers from eating disorders. She said she’d been drinking because she was upset with her boyfriend. A breath test showed she was well above the legal limit. She was transported to the county jail.

Theft: A Bainbridge man reported that several homemade political signs had been stolen from various locations in the Winslow area. He suggested police review security tapes from some locations that may have had cameras trained on the areas where the signs were posted. Police declined to request and view the tapes, believing that the tapes have likely been recorded over.