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Vancil, Lester, Hytopoulos lead in early primary election results

Here’s my story on the early results posted at 8:15 p.m. today:

Bainbridge voters narrowed their choices from nine to six City Council candidates on Tuesday.

Of all the candidates, Councilwoman Debbie Vancil drew the largest share of votes in early returns released Tuesday night. Vancil, who is seeking a third term, garnered almost 42 percent of the 1,558 votes counted in the North Ward. She will advance to the general election with former councilman and mayoral candidate Bob Scales, who earned almost 32 percent of the vote.

“I’m very encouraged by the results,” Vancil said, noting the 10 point gap between her and Scales. “I’m hoping it says that the community doesn’t want the status quo. I’ve always stood for change in a positive way…and I think the community’s with me.”

Scales said he has “more work to do” before the general election in November.

“Debbie has lived in the community longer, she’s run two successful campaigns and been on every committee imaginable,” he said. “She’s got more name recognition than I do, so it’ll be a challenge to get out there as much as I can before the general election.”

The third North Ward candidate, Melanie Keenan, took 25 percent and will not advance.

In the Central Ward, community activist and publisher Debbi Lester, 40 percent, and Winslow business owner Dee DuMont, 31 percent, garnered the two top spots to advance. Retired educator Virginia Paul took 26 percent of the 1,556 votes counted.

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Police blotter: Woman channels Wolverine in fight against husband


Enraged after finding her husband’s secret stash of booze, a Bainbridge woman tucked her car keys between her fingers and went at his stomach and shoulder with claw-enhanced blows.

He was apparently OK. He moved to Oregon, nursed his wounds, and recently reported the incident to Bainbridge police.

Where would someone get ideas about how to hit someone in such a nasty way? Oh, I don’t know…maybe here.

Also this week, tourists have a tough time in Winslow. A Wenatchee woman’s video camera was stolen at a Winslow Way bakery and a Colorado man got his rear-end bruised by VW Golf while crossing Madison Avenue.

The blotter’s below.

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Bainbridge distillery on KOMO News

KOMO is the latest news outlet to pickup on the organic distillery taking shape here on Bainbridge Island.

You can see their video piece above. And my story about the distillery here.

Interesting comments follow the KOMO story, which you can see on their site here.

One commenter, objecting to the reporter’s characterization of BI as “scenic” and “rustic,” has this to say:

Scenic? Rustic? When was the last time this staffer was on the island? BI is crowded, overbuilt, heavily traffic’d and half the population are rude NIMBY hippie types.

Another commenter writes:

Agreed! Entering Bainbridge Island is like entering The Twilight Zone. Something is very wrong with the general population.

It’s not just left over hippies.. It’s the now rich Hippie offspring mixed with California’s Yuppie Rejects!

There you have it. Four decades of island demography in a nutshell. The Hippies begat the Rich Hippies (who apparently gained their riches through inherited stores of patchouli and love beads). Although the Rich Hippies became quick converts to the NIMBY way, their “Not In My Back Yard” mantra apparently did not apply to the influx of California Yuppie Rejects. Intermarriage between the native Rich Hippies and the foreign-born Yuppie Rejects has produced a new generation of islander that I suggest should henceforth be called Cali NIMBY Yippies. Has a ring to it, don’t you think?