$3 million to clean Wyckoff lost in standoff between state, feds


While talking to the EPA about a recent health risk assessment of the Pritchard Park-Wyckoff Superfund site (see previous post), I learned that most of a recent $5 million stimulus grant for cleaning and containing the contaminated area would have to be returned.

The reasons are complicated, but it basically comes down to the state and the feds not seeing eye-to-eye on what to do with the site and its million gallons of creosote and the millions of dollars needed to maintain it.

Read all about it here.

One thought on “$3 million to clean Wyckoff lost in standoff between state, feds

  1. How about this fitting idea. As Peters likes to spend monies the City doesn’t have and on projects which aren’t high on the City’s priorities list, why doesn’t he propose financing the continued clean-up. He might consider raising the proposed car excise tax from $20 to $50 a car to cover this additional project. Also maybe he could take monies from the water fund, the sewer fund, the hotel tax fund, the fire dept., the police dept., maybe from all the funds, maybe just finance the work out of his checkbook. Oh, I suppose if he runs his checkbook as he does the City’s monies there is nothing there.

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