Daily Archives: July 23, 2009

Kitsap Sun tells Inslee to “stay out of our pea-patches”

The Kitsap Sun’s editorial board today told Congressman Jay Inslee to plant his community garden money somewhere else.

Inslee, as outlined in a previous post, wants to create a federal grant program to help establish and maintain community gardens.

The editorial board argues that community gardens are best left to communities.

“Simply put, community gardens are working well because they’re grass roots, and they’re a good idea.

More to the point, they’re a good idea Congress should leave alone.”

Read the full editorial here.

Police Blotter: For-sale home staged with “preppy” drinkers


A local real estate agent was surprised to find two young men wandering the rooms of one of her unoccupied for-sale homes. More interested in the Rolling Bay house as a place to drink than to buy, the “preppy”-looking men fled with their beers in-hand after the agent threatened to call the cops. And the bottle of wine used to stage the house? Not a drop left.

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