Island Gateway approved

The city gave final approval for the Island Gatway development late last week.

The largest Bainbridge development in years, Island Gateway is now set to break ground at the Winslow Way-Highway 305 intersection in late summer or early fall.

Planning Director Kathy Cook approved the development on Friday after it earned the support of the city Planning Commission and Design Review Board.

The development will feature a children’s museum, art museum and 60,000 square feet of commercial space. The project incorporates several sustainable design elements, including salvaged materials, green roofs and stormwater catchment systems.

Developer Bill Carruthers said the first phase of construction will include a large underground garage and the children’s museum.

Some residents have criticized the development’s modern look, saying it clashes with Bainbridge’s small town aesthetic.

The development will require the removal of the 5-acre property’s three existing buildings, including ones occupied by the Bainbridge Chamber of Commerce and a shoe repairman.

Carruthers said the designs for the five new buildings will create an appealing “gateway” to Winslow from the ferry terminal.

4 thoughts on “Island Gateway approved

  1. Say it ain’t so! Another development that will make us look more like Bremerton than Bainbridge. Don’t we already have empty condos and retail space all over Winslow (i.e. Seabreeze and Harbour Square)? Why approve more?

  2. I am amazed that someone thinks Bainbridge needs more commercial space when there is so much unused space now.

  3. Well location is everything so this one (Gateway) might work but Harbor Square and Sea Breeze are nothing compared to the massive boondoggle down at Lynwood Center. That project is way underwater, will require millions more to complete and scuttle is it’s bankrupt. Even without a recession there is no way that amount of retail space would succeed at the south end much less in town – what were they thinking? Can’t tear it down and makes no sense to finish it – antique mall here we come!! Plywood interior w/concrete floor works for those . . .

  4. This is possibly the worst corner for traffic on Bainbridge Island and we’re supposed to support building retail space and residences that will require even more cars when there is so much commercial lease space in downtown Winslow. Clearly, this is going to the people who will make money by building it regardless of its future.

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