Daily Archives: July 17, 2009

Evening Magazine shows off BI’s tourist spots

The Battle Point Park playground, Ritchie observatory, Four Swallows and Mora ice cream are a few of the things King 5’s Evening Magazine highlighted in a recent segment about Bainbridge Island’s tourist draws.

See the video here.

Interesting historical note from the video: Love it or hate it, but Paint Night gave us that local institution Frog Rock.

Video: South Ward council candidates’ editorial board interview

Look below for the South Ward City Council candidates’ visit to the Kitsap Sun’s editorial board on Wednesday. Candidates Curt Winston, Tim Jacobsen and Kirsten Hytopoulos responded to questions about the city’s budget, why they moved to the island, how to increase city revenues and their impressions of the Island Gateway project.

City gearing up for “rummage sale” of surplus properties


The 14-acre Suzuki property on New Brooklyn is one of eight properties the city is aiming to sell in the coming months.

Councilman Bill Knobloch calls it a “rummage sale” of sorts, where the city cleans out its large inventory of under-used properties.

Valued at $5.4 million, the Suzuki property’s sale could mean a lot for the city’s beleaguered budget.

The city’s in negotiations to sell parts of three smaller properties near the head of Eagle Harbor and Vincent Road.

For more, read my story here.

The island’s finest chicken coops are on display Saturday


Click here to see Rachel Pritchett’s story on Saturday’s Tour de Coop. Eight chicken coops around Bainbridge will display the various ways islanders are taking advantage of this inexpensive food source in tough economic times.

As Rachel writes:

Long symbols of strapped times, chickens and their coops are enduring symbols of self-reliance, the good earth and the promise of never going hungry as long as there is a scritch or scratch beyond the kitchen door.

Chickens: cheap, fresh food, good garden compost producers and (little known fact) stress reducers. Watch chickens peck about your yard and you will feel your mind calm and your muscles relax. I have no scientific data to back up this claim. But my mom swears by it, so it must be true.