5 thoughts on “Acting public works director resigns

  1. Congrats to Tristan Baurich for including the info/quote from Dombroski about how Bob Earls drew lightening over his Washington professional credentials. This interesting and germane fact was omitted in the Review article. It appears that the Review likes to airbrush out inconvenient facts.

    This is the quote: “Dombroski said increasing workloads and criticism from the public and City Council members have played a role in some resignations.

    “There’s a lot of stress here,” he said. “There’s a high level of personal criticism. That certainly takes a toll.”

    Some residents were critical of Earl because he was a licensed engineer in Alaska but not Washington when he was hired.

    Despite formal complaints from residents to the Washington registration board for professional engineers last year, Earl stressed that he was not cited for violating state licensing rules.”

  2. Here is some more of the Review’s article that Jimmy Olsen neglected to include: “I won’t miss the political spin too much,” Earl said. “There are some people that want to make professional activities some kind of personal issue. This runs counter to good sense and reality.” Could he have been talking about JMO?
    In a letter of decision sent to the resident who complained about Earl’s certification,the Washington State Board for Professional Engineers and Land Surveyors said that the complaint was ‘without merit’. It appears that JMO of SCM likes to airbrush out inconvenient facts.

  3. Well, lets make Peter Best the next to go. If it just takes abuse I suppose this can be generated. He and his personal agendas have created over the past few years allot of anxiety and costs for the shoreline residents. And then again maybe the new City Mgr. will finally step up to the plate and ask for Mr. Best’s resignation so as to find a person who wants to understand that it is the people of this Island who employ him and only ask that he listen and implement policies, codes, etc that meet the wants and needs of the taxpayers, his employers.

  4. Perry White appears to be a cowardly little man (leap of faith) who plies the trade working as a stringer reporter for the parent of the Review. Big man using his name — that is the MO for CB.

    And CB, the Review does airbrush the stories — more so under Doug Crist but still under Anastine.

    Hey Berry White: come out of the closet.

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