Police blotter: Escaped patient flexes ‘American’ right to refuse care


A happy care provider’s incessant whistling drove a hip surgery patient to flee a Bainbridge assisted living facility this week. Once Bainbridge police caught up with him in Poulsbo, the patient refused to return to the facility. Maybe in Russia he’d have to go back, the patient told police, but this….is America.

And at another assisted living facility, a woman stopping by for a visit uses an iron fist grip to halt and injure an old man mistakenly suspected of fleeing in his wheelchair. Maybe she thought she was in Russia?

June 29
Smashed: A watermelon and a skateboard were thrown through the south window of the Bainbridge teen center on High School Road sometime during the night.

Disorderly: A 55-year-old Lacey man was cited for disorderly conduct at a Winslow Way eye care business shortly after 9:30 a.m. The suspect had been upset that eye glasses he ordered had not yet arrived. He began pacing and yelling obscenities at an employee. The 6-foot-3, 200 pound suspect reportedly intimidated the female employee with his size and approached her in an aggressive manner. The suspect told police that a disorderly conduct charge would not apply to him because he did not directly called the employee an insulting name. Instead, he said, the word was used to refer to the employee when speaking to other employees.

June 28
Missing: An 85-year-old Bainbridge man recovering from surgery at the Messenger House assisted living facility was reported missing shortly after 3 p.m. After mounting a search around the Manitou Park Boulevard facility and Winslow ferry terminal, the man was found at a family member’s Poulsbo home. The man told police he would “go where he pleased” because he paid his bills, followed the law and because he lives in “America, after all – not Russia.” The man also noted he did not like the service at Messenger House and would prefer a hotel room over the facility. A major complaint was that one of his care providers whistled while he worked. Citing concerns for the man’s health, police had him transported to a local hospital.

June 27
Theft: A wood chipper was reported stolen from the Rotary auction event at Woodward Middle School. The owner said she had purchased the item for $75 and left it at the sale site to look at other items. When she returned, the wood chipper was gone. Volunteer sales people did not see the item leave.

Gun: A man was reportedly escorted out of the Rotary sale event at Woodward Middle School for having a concealed hand gun. Private security personnel ordered the man to leave and reported the incident to police.

June 26
Choked: A Bainbridge man reported that another man choked him at a High School Road apartment complex. The apartment’s resident said she wanted the victim to leave but that he refused. The other man intervened and reportedly choked the victim. Police made no arrests and reported the incident for information only.

Pot: A 19-year-old Bainbridge man was cited at the intersection of John Adams Lane and Wyatt Way for possessing a small amount of marijuana. The suspect had been pulled over because his vehicle had an inoperative headlight. Police noticed the smell of burned marijuana when talking to the suspect. “I told (him) that it smelled like weed and he said ‘sorry,'” the officer reported. When asked to hand over the marijuana, the suspect produced a small mint tin, which contained a marijuana-smoking kit, including a lighter, eye drops, rolling paper and a few buds of marijuana. The suspect did not appear impaired. He said he last smoked about three hours ago. He was cited and released.

June 24
Rollover: A Bainbridge female was injured when her Jeep skidded off Bucklin Hill Road and rolled down an embankment. The driver said she lost control of the jeep on the wet road while making a turn. The jeep came to rest on its top. The driver reported neck and back injuries. She was cited for inattentive driving.

Pornography: A school official found pornographic and sex-related items inside a ceiling space during the demolition of a Blakely Elementary School portable classroom. The cache included six pornographic magazines, unused condoms, several pornographic VHS tapes, a dozen women’s panties and a 2001 hunting guide. Dates on the items indicated that they had been left in the ceiling approximately eight years ago. The classroom had been used for music lessons and speech pathology work over the last eight years. School officials suspect an unknown night custodian may have left the items. School officials told police they intend to destroy the items.

Theft: A sailing dinghy was reported stolen from Waterfront Park. The dinghy had been damaged by members of a local rowing club. Members fixed it and left it outside the club compound at the park for the owner to pick it up. The dinghy was over six feet long and was valued at $400.

June 22
Assault: An elderly resident of a Madison Avenue nursing home was injured when an unknown visitor to the facility forcefully grabbed his shoulder. The victim said he was in his wheelchair and in the process of exiting the facility when the suspect grabbed him and asked if he had permission to leave. The suspect released the victim when he told her he did not need permission. The suspect was described as blonde, about 5’6 and “heavy set.”

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