Woman missing from BI ferry found in north King County

The Spokane woman reported missing Tuesday after leaving her car aboard a ferry on the Bainbridge Island-Seattle route was found around 12:30 a.m. Thursday morning.

An officer with the Lake Forest Park Police Department found Amy Story, 27, at Lake Forest Park Market, according to a Washington State Patrol press release. Police had been dispatched to the area to check on a woman who was seen walking in the street and hitchhiking.

When the officer arrived, Story identified herself and said her car had been stolen from a ferry.

One thought on “Woman missing from BI ferry found in north King County

  1. Glad she was found. Once, back in the 70’s, we had a guy on the 0750 out of Winslow who was sleeping in his car and nothing we did would wake him up when we got to Seattle. We unloaded around him,reloaded for Winslow and tried to wake him again. Nothing. Back to Winslow, unloaded’, loaded the 0910 and went back to Seattle. When we got in to Seattle at 0940, we banged on his car again and this time, he woke up and drove off. He never went ‘missing’, but I’ll bet he never figured out what happened to that ‘missing’ hour. Still makes me laugh.

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