Police blotter: Landlord kicks lippy tenant where it counts

Tired of the guff an office tenant was giving him and his maintenance crew, the owner of a Day Road business park followed up a left and a right with a boot to the center. They both ended up getting arrested.

Also in this week’s police blotter, a drunk driver on the go tries to refuel on booze at Safeway and gas at Chevron before setting off for a round of stop sign running and lane swerving. Her request to the arresting officer: “Can we do this later?”

June 21
Drunk driving: A 25-year-old Suquamish man was arrested for drunk driving on Highway 305 shortly after 3 a.m. Police initially noticed the suspect drive his truck at variable speeds and veer out of his lane. An officer pulled over the suspect near Hidden Cove Road and noticed he smelled strongly of alcohol and had slurred speech. The suspect said his poor driving was because he was nervous. He later recanted, saying he had a few beers at a Mariners baseball game in Seattle. He failed a series of sobriety tests and was transported to the county jail.

June 20
Drunk: Bainbridge police gave a drunk Poulsbo man a ride to his home from the Winslow ferry terminal shortly after 11 a.m. According to a ferry captain, the man hit an onboard vehicle with his hand and was belligerent to other riders while visiting the passenger deck. The man told police that he drank a large quantity of alcohol during the day. He also noted that he’d recently left the U.S. Navy and was having trouble finding a job. Police determined that no crime was committed.

June 19
Theft: Several items were reported stolen from a vehicle parked on Madison Avenue. Stolen items included a shoulder bag, a Kindle electronic book and a few other personal items.

Suspicious: A Komedal Road resident reported that she’d received a call from someone who said the City of Bainbridge Island would give her a free home security system. The caller also asked if she already had a security system at her house. The resident refused to answer the caller’s questions. Police found that the caller’s number was out of service when they called.

Littered: A woman walking in Fort Ward State Park found a broken heater and containers of kerosine had recently been dumped in the park. Police located several partially full kerosine cans and a heater that was leaking fuel in bushes near a trail. Police wrapped up the items and transported them to a Bainbridge disposal facility.

June 17
Shooting: Police were called to a Baker Hill Road location after nearby residents reported hearing gunshots. Police made contact with a man who had hit a deer with his vehicle earlier in the day. He had returned to the scene with a rifle to kill the deer, which had sustained a broken leg and was suffering in a nearby gully. The man fired four shots at the deer’s head but missed. Police found that the deer was still alive. Police fired three rounds, killing the deer. The man said he’d bury the deer the next day.

June 16
Hit-and-run: A Tacoma boy was injured when an Ford Explorer SUV pulled out in front of his “mini-bike” on High School Road just before 8 p.m. The boy lost two teeth and suffered a broken collar bone and from the collision. He was airlifted to a hospital in Seattle. The driver of the SUV fled the scene. A female witness was holding the boy when police arrived. He was bleeding from his mouth and his bike was badly damaged. Witnesses said a gold or tan SUV pulled out onto High School Road from the Safeway parking lot just as the boy was passing. The driver immediately fled the scene, traveling west on High School Road. The driver was described as white, in his 20s and had blondish-brown hair.

June 15
Drunk diving: A 43-year-old Bainbridge woman was arrested for drunk driving at the intersection of High School Road and Madison Avenue shortly after 11:30 p.m. Police were initially called to the High School Road Safeway by someone reporting that a “overly intoxicated” woman was trying to buy wine there, and was leaving in a black Lexus car. An officer found the car parked crooked at a nearby gas station. Police observed the car then run a stop sign, swerve along High School Road and strike a median. The offer pulled the suspect over, noticing that she smelled strongly of alcohol. She said her erratic driving was due to fatigue. After fumbling around for her license and registration, the suspect requested that the officer let her go. “Can we do this later?” she asked, noting that her son was waiting for her at home. The officer declined the request and asked her how much she had to drink. The suspect said she’d recently consumed a class of wine and a beer. After failing a series of field sobriety tests, the suspect was transported to the county jail. The son’s father was contacted by police.

June 8
Assault: A Bainbridge man was arrested for assaulting another Bainbridge man at a Day Road business complex just before 9 a.m. The victim was arrested for disorderly conduct. The victim reportedly arrived at the complex to find workers preparing to fix a walkway with a jackhammer and other tools near the office he rents. The victim, unhappy about the mess and potential noise, kicked a broom and began yelling and cursing at the workers. The suspect, who owns the building, told the victim to go inside his office and leave the workers alone. “I don’t have to go in my office,” the victim said, and began yelling again. The suspect then punched the victim on both sides of his face and kicked him in the groin. “He kicked me as has hard as he could in the (scrotum),” the victim exclaimed to police. Police noted that the victim’s face did not appear injured, seemed to walk without signs of groin damage and declined medical attention. A witness characterized the victim as the “verbal aggressor” and the suspect as the “physical aggressor.” He also noted that the two didn’t appear to like each other before the incident.