Daily Archives: June 10, 2009

Eagle Harbor’s no-contact advisory ends today

Health officials are lifting the 10-day no-contact advisory for Eagle Harbor and the shorelines between Yeomalt Point and Rockaway Beach.

The advisory was initiated shortly after a sewer pipe on the harbor’s north shore began leaking raw sewage. An estimated 140,000 gallons of sewage seeped out before city work crews fixed the leak on June 2.

Two sets of water quality tests in the harbor show normal levels of bacteria.

“Our two sampling events at Waterfront Park showed no impact from the spill,” Kitsap County Health District water quality specialist John Kiess said today.

Debbie Vann drops out of City Council race

Former city councilwoman Debbie Vann dropped me a line today announcing she’s decided not to seek the Central Ward’s seat.

Vann had filed to run on Friday, along with Dee DuMont, Debbi Lester and Virginia Paul.

“Given the high quality of candidates, and my own somewhat ‘iffiness’ about running, I decided to withdraw my name,” Vann wrote today. “So, I will not be running.”