Vancil will go head-to-head with Scales to hold her City Council seat

Councilwoman Debbie Vancil just dropped me a line to say she will seek a third term representing the North Ward.

Vancil will face former council colleague Bob Scales, who announced his bid this morning.

Vancil plans to issue a statement tomorrow after filing for candidacy with the county auditor.

7 thoughts on “Vancil will go head-to-head with Scales to hold her City Council seat

  1. All one has to do is look at Ms. Vancil’s voting record while she was on the council before, then decide whether you would want her again. Past performance is one of the best predictors of future behavior. Good talk is just hot air without action.

  2. Although I initially was dismayed by Capt’n Jimmy and his grindhouse signage, I now actually look forward to it. The entertainment value alone is worth the price of admission…

  3. I agree. The signs are a popular collectors item. Have been for years. I know a guy with a collage of them on his garage wall.There must be at least 2 dozen in it.

  4. This household is very very pleased to learn of Ms. Vancil’s decision to run again for the seat where she has so well listened and acted. Ms. Vancil has, along with three others, tried to insure that monies were spent appropriately and for priority issues. She has had to fight just to be heard while the five, the ex-Mayor, and her four henchpeople rode roughshod over three good Council people who tried in vain unfortuantely to control spending to what the City could afford. The City is BROKE because the five had their own agenda and were hell bent to get it accomplished even if the City went broke and it did.

    Lets return Ms. Vancil to the Council and with Kjell not running and hopefully a thinker in place of Snow we’ll as a City be able to move forward with Ms Vancil and six other good people who care about what the people prioritize as important-.

    We owe Ms. Vancil a big thank you and we can deliever it with her re-election.

  5. Yo Do Do ~~ how go the bond numbers? Pubic98110 ~~ beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. Those VOTEYES/check mark sigs were really great works of art and ineffectiveness. Who is the fetishist man pal of yours who collects stolen property. Wise up !!

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