UPDATED: Hytopoulos first out of the gate in City Council races

Kirsten Hytopoulos
Kirsten Hytopoulos
Community activist Kirsten Hytopoulos announced today she will run for the South Ward City Council seat currently held by Chris Snow.

Hytopoulos, a 39-year-old Blakely Court resident, is the first candidate to formally announce a bid for one of the three council positions slated for November’s ballot. Her announcement was followed by information posted on the Kitsap County Auditor’s website that Bill Point resident Tim Jacobsen is also running for the South Ward position. More on his candidacy later.

Hytopoulos’ community activism has focused on environmental and city financial issues.

“With a new form of government and a community looking for positive change, we have a unique opportunity to create a responsive and responsible city government that reflects our community’s core values,” Hytopoulos said in a statement. “It’s time to recommit our city government to the community’s shared vision, which includes preserving our unique island character and way of life while living within our means, fiscally and environmentally.”

Hytopoulos is the founder of the Green Voices for Bainbridge Island Internet site and was a co-founder of the Save Winslow Way Coalition, a group concerned about future development on downtown’s main thoroughfare.

She was also active with the a group advocating the city’s recent switch to a council-manager form of government.

Hytopoulos is self-described full-time mother of three. She has worked as a prosecuting attorney in Seattle and taught college-level criminal justice in Bangor and Whidbey Island.

Snow, who was elected unopposed almost four years ago, has not decided if he’ll seek reelection.

14 thoughts on “UPDATED: Hytopoulos first out of the gate in City Council races

  1. I am very interested in the full article about Eric Jacobsen’s candidacy. There always appears a tendency in the Sun to pick favorites early on. Reporter Tristan says he will have the story line about Mr. Jacobsen soon. Does that mean tomorrow or sometime during the fall race?

    We need fresh faces to step forward. While Kirsten K has built up a following with the “activism,” so did Hilary Franz, Chris Snow, Barry Peters and all the other anointed candidates before them.

    Let’s see someone truly different and not tainted by insider politics step forward.

    Tristan — get the story about Mr. Jacobsen up NOW !!

  2. That would be Tim Jacobsen and a right decent fellow, glad to see him take an interest in the position.

  3. I am glad to see people throwing their hats in the ring. This is fantastic- Do we need another lawyer though? We already have the tearful Hillary and Peter’s who has flat done a lousy job. What we need are people from other disciplines who can add to the common sense abilities of the three fiscally responsible thinkers.

  4. Hey Doe — demand your Miranda rights.

    And yes, let’s elect new blood and not the usual insiders and stop with the phony buyer’s remorse when the elected unveil their pet projects and sacred cows. This is what we have seen from Franz, Peters, Snow, Knobloch, Vancil and Brackett have done over and over again.

    Adios Kjell.

  5. Agreed, please not another environmentally oriented attorney, got enough of those including most of the people that step up to provide public comment at council meetings. A small shopkeeper would be nice or how about a construction worker? Someone who will speak without first having to calculate all the political implications of what they are about to say.

  6. Shining City is demanding that the Sun print a story “…NOW!…” Talk about chutzpah!

  7. Yo Doe ~~ Yo. Story has been included by Baurick. Not quite the umph and adulation KH got but there is some background up on Jacobsen.

    Yo Doe —

  8. Kirsten would be a great city council member. She is intelligent, well-educated, family oriented, and strong enough to stand against proposals to spend money the city doesn’t have. She is not an insider like Barry Peters or Chris Snow; she has demonstrated great concern for Bainbridge Island by following the issues from the outside.

  9. Glenna-

    You may be right but another lawyer-we need more diversity, we need talent in other areas than making monies by suing people or ambulance chasing. We need people from all walks of life who can theu their work experience bring help to the three Council people who have fought a tough and impossible battle against those five who had their own agenda and to hell with what the taxpaying voters wanted.

    I hope this broken sewer pipe brings the financial overspends bny these five to the top of the heap and the pressure for all to resign grows.

  10. Yo Jim, A group of us have begun collecting leftover political signs. Do you want them back, or should we consider it ‘sport’ like in the good old days, and just dispose of them in the usual way?

  11. Hey Jimny Olsen! Why don’t you run? I think you’d be terrific! And all the press people would have to write down what you say and report it!

    Note: The preceding violates a no-contact order imposed by the writer’s employer, girlfriend and conscience.

  12. Charlie — how goes the gigs? You should run — actually run every day.

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