Police blotter: Woman catches a “young and cute” thief in the act

A Bainbridge woman didn’t let a would-be thief’s apparent good looks dissuade her from a confrontation. Noticing the “young and cute” man rummaging though a suitcase near a car with a busted window, the woman stepped up and began asking questions. The beauteous bandit responded honestly, flipped his wavy locks to the side and fled the scene.

Also this week, the island’s Buddhist temple experienced reported some strange phenomena. Furniture was mysteriously moved, the fridge was unplugged, lanterns were broken and sand rained down from above. Who you gonna call? Crazy Neighbor Busters. Turns out the church’s neighbor was, according to police, suffering from mental health issues and making unwanted visits to the temple.

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May 24
Harassed: A religious center on Lynwood Center Road was the victim of criminal trespass and harassment from a neighbor suspected of having mental health issues. The center’s staff told police that the suspect, an elderly woman, has become “increasingly hostile, agitated and threatening.” She has reportedly thrown sand and other debris on the center’s property and yelled curse words at the center’s caretaker. She is suspected of entering the center and throwing several glass lanterns in the trash, breaking at least one. Other incidents attributed to the suspect include turning off the center’s refrigerator and moving furniture around. Police contacted the suspect, who became agitated and rambled nonsensically. She accused the center’s staff of throwing things in her yard. She also mentioned that she “donated” the center’s property. The suspect confirmed that she had entered the center without permission. A report was forwarded to the prosecutor’s office.

May 22
Medicated: A Bainbridge man called police to report that his ex-wife was giving their child unnecessary medications. The man said he has “strong beliefs against using unnecessary prescribed medication.” He noted that medications must be approved by the father and mother, as specified in divorce papers. Police made a report for information only. The man said he’d take legal action against his ex-wife, a Poulsbo resident.

May 21
Theft: A Seattle man’s Mazda car was damaged during an aborted theft just before 9 a.m. on Brien Drive. A Bainbridge woman happened to pass the car when she saw the suspected thief rifling through the victim’s suitcase. One of the man’s car windows is believed to have been broken during the theft attempt. The woman asked the suspect if the suitcase belonged to him. The suspect answered “no” before quickly driving off in a pickup truck. The woman described the suspect as “young and cute.” He stood about 5-foot-8-inches and had brown shoulder-length wavy hair. He had “well-groomed” facial hair and appeared “clean.” She said the suspect’s pickup was burgundy-colored, had a rusty hood and appeared “slow to start.” The victim, who was contacted by police, found that nothing had been stolen from his car. Damages to his window were estimated at $200.

May 20
Theft: A Bainbridge man reported that the window of his vehicle was broken and several items were taken from inside. The victim noticed the damage after ending a shift at a Fletcher Bay Road business just before 10 p.m. He said the theft happened sometime between 5 and 10 p.m. He reported that his cell phone, a blue tooth device and his jacket were stolen. Losses were estimated at almost $200.

May 19
Theft: A Mongoose “trick” bicycle, valued at $80, was reported stolen from outside a Commodore Lane home.

May 18
Mischief: A California man caretaking a North Madison Avenue home reported that a sliding glass door on the house had been shot with a B.B. gun, causing $100 in damage.

Theft: A Bainbridge youth reported that her cell phone was stolen after she accidently left it outside of Bainbridge High School during the afternoon. The thief responded to a text message, noting he or she knows the victim and that she will “never see the phone again.” The thief also called the victim a derogatory name.