Bainbridge council-manager discussion on NPR’s KUOW

Mayor Darlene Kordonowy and council-manager supporter Bob Fortner were on KUOW’s “Conversation” yesterday.

It was a short bit among other discussions about Iran’s missle tests and credit card debt. You can listen to the archived show here. The part about the council-manager issue begins about four and a half minutes in.

Kordonowy said criticism of her second term was part of the reason the measure passed.

“I can’t help but take things personal,” she said.

Kordonowy said she was disappointed in how well she was able to manage the city during “in difficult times.”

Fortner said voters passed the measure because the city’s government structure is “flawed,” giving the mayor too much power and concealing processes at City Hall that should be open.

4 thoughts on “Bainbridge council-manager discussion on NPR’s KUOW

  1. What a perfect place for Darlene to be, NPR land. That program is light-weight fluff — all the better.

  2. I am sorry but if Darlene thinks, as written in the article above, that she was successful in difficult times she has according to all us voters (70%) another thought coming. Even to use the word manage is a mistake as we all know she was not a manager and/or a leader. The City is a mess. The only thing she was successful at was, until people smarted up, convincing the public that the problem was the Council. To put it succintly, the problem for the current issues is GONE!

  3. The Mayor should not take it personally. Most people on Bainbridge think that the people that are currently running it, both elected and in other “service” positions are incompetent, overpaid and are turning the residents of Bainbridge Island into victims of the Peter Principle. Will this vote change that? A) It remains to be seen.
    B) I certainly hope so.

  4. I know where the concept of the Peter Priciple came from- Directly from our very own Peters who helped the Mayor set back this City decades and created the huge debits and no monies that we currently are experiencing. Poor planning, poor management, and then poor spending best decribes these two.

    And why shouldn’t the Mayor take it personally as this vote would never ocurred were it not for her and lack of skills that drove the voter/taxpayers to the brink.

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