Police blotter: Man proposes sex in a holly tree

police blotter

A Bainbridge man made a prickly proposition to a house hunter in his neighborhood. The house hunter called the police.

Also this week, a drunk driver demands legal representation from his legal secretary wife, and a driver mounts a protest of speed bumps with horn honks. Read on…

May 2
Drunk: A 40-year-old Poulsbo man was arrested for being in control of a vehicle while drunk at 8:30 p.m. on Ferncliff Avenue. Police initially noticed the man’s car parked near an auto repair shop with its brake light on. An officer found the suspect slumped over in the driver’s seat and holding the car’s keys. Once awakened, the suspect spoke unintelligibly, smelled strongly of alcohol and repeatedly tried to start the car despite the officer’s orders not to do so. The suspect evaded questions about whether he’d been drinking. He stressed that he had not been driving, that he was just tired and that his wife was on her way to pick him up. He also noted several times that his wife is an attorney and that he wanted to consult with her during his arrest and processing. His wife later told police she is a legal secretary and is ineligible to sit in on the arrest proceedings.

Apr. 30
Indecent: A Bainbridge woman reported that a Bainbridge man exposed his penis to her while climbing a holly tree on Shepard Way. The victim said she’d pulled her vehicle over to look at a for-lease home and reminisce about having once lived in the area. The suspect, who lives nearby, approached the car and began talking about the rental. When the woman noted a nearby a tree her children once climbed, the suspect made a remark about having sex in it. He then climbed in to it and the victim followed. Once among the tree’s branches, the suspect tried to kiss the victim, exposed his penis and expressed his belief that she wanted to see it. The victim exited the tree and called police, fearing that the suspect might rape her. The suspect initially told a story that portrayed the victim as the one who suggested they have sex in the tree. The suspect later changed his story, noting no sexual suggestion on the victim’s part. A report was forwarded to the prosecutor.

Apr. 27
Threatened: A Bainbridge man reported that a maintenance man who works at his Lynwood Center Road apartment complex threatened him. “You gotta problem? I’m going to kick your (rear end),” the suspect reportedly said while rapidly walking toward the victim as he exited his apartment. The victim retreated into his apartment and called police. The victim said that the suspect has used harsh words toward him in the past. No witnesses were found to substantiate the victim’s claims.

Apr. 26
Disorderly: A Salmon Run Lane resident called police to report that her neighbor honks his car horn when near her house to protest the installation of speed bumps on a private road. The woman told police that she had the bumps installed out of concern for the safety of her family. The neighbor, she said, had been driving by at a high rate of speed and has refused to slow down. The neighbor now honks three or four times when traveling over the bumps, disturbing her children’s sleep and other neighbors, she said. Police are investigating.